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An­i­mal test­ing has plagued the cos­met­ics in­dus­try for decades. While many large com­pa­nies have tran­si­tioned to kinder meth­ods, oth­ers are be­ing born into the cru­elty-free era.

It makes sense that those who avoid putting an­i­mal prod­ucts in their bod­ies would avoid putting it on their bod­ies too, but beauty is some­thing so ha­bit­ual many of us don’t even stop to think.

As ve­gan­ism gains mo­men­tum, new con­verts are on the look­out for ways to main­tain their rou­tine with sim­ple sub­sti­tutes.

There are a crop of cos­met­ics com­pa­nies who are mak­ing the tran­si­tion to cru­elty free look par­tic­u­larly good.

NEEK Skin Or­gan­ics founder An­gelique Ahearn re­cently re­leased two new shades of her ve­gan lip­sticks, Mys­tify and Kiss Me, Kiss Me.

She says NEEK al­ways as­pired to be an­i­mal and earth friendly be­cause tra­di­tional cos­met­ics can sport some se­ri­ously strange in­gre­di­ents.

“Fish scales and a bunch of even weirder in­gre­di­ents such as bull se­men, bird drop­pings, in­fant fore­skin and snail slime are used in beauty prod­ucts,” she says.

While I per­son­ally wish I’d never asked, An­gelique adds that beauty prod­ucts have also been known to con­tain crushed- up bee­tles, palm oil, ren­dered an­i­mal fat ( tal­low), sheep grease and beeswax. An­gelique says it has been a process nail­ing bright, en­dur­ing, glossy lip­sticks us­ing only nat­u­ral prod­ucts, but they’ve got the hang of it now. For a su­per glossy lip, Noyah Nat­u­ral Lip has 10 hues of ra­di­ant ve­gan gloss, rang­ing across the spec­trum from sum­mer­time peach to deep mauve to bur­lesque red and pretty pink frost­ing. One look at the web­site had me con­vinced I needed them all.

Si­enna By­ron Bay’s huge range of nat­u­ral pol­ishes are un­af­fected by leav­ing out the an­i­mal prod­ucts – they’re just as durable as their non-ve­gan coun­ter­parts.

Eco Min­er­als, also out of By­ron Bay, has a large line of com­pletely ve­gan, all-nat­u­ral prod­ucts, from rosy blushes to make-up brushes to mas­cara.

They fo­cus more on nat­u­ral-look­ing re­sults than bright colours and your skin will thank you for the break from chem­i­cals.

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