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MAR 20 — APR 18

Oth­ers’ in­de­ci­sive­ness isn’t just ir­ri­tat­ing, in cer­tain ar­range­ments it’s be­come wor­ry­ing, enough you’re ea­ger to ad­dress those con­cerns. Once you be­gin ask­ing ques­tions, you’ll re­alise an up­date is vi­tal, and one that would in­volve ev­ery­body. Time-con­sum­ing as or­gan­is­ing this would be, you’re ex­cited about what you and oth­ers will learn. This both jus­ti­fies your ef­forts and re­news your faith in your vi­sion of what’s pos­si­ble.


JULY 22 — AUG 21

Hav­ing bat­tled, both over mi­nor is­sues, and to get your way in cru­cial sit­u­a­tions, this week’s easy progress wor­ries you. How­ever, that chal­leng­ing chap­ter is over. If you’re fac­ing any ob­sta­cles, it’s work­ing with those whose way of think­ing and do­ing things is dra­mat­i­cally dif­fer­ent from yours. In­stead of bat­tling to do things your way, ask for ex­pla­na­tions. What you learn will con­sid­er­ably broaden your hori­zons.


NOV 22 — DEC 20

You may al­ready have had hints of the spec­tac­u­lar events that will re­shape, if not rev­o­lu­tionise, your life when, on 28 Septem­ber, your ruler Jupiter pow­er­fully as­pects Uranus, planet of in­no­va­tion. Th­ese are timely yet could chal­lenge your fierce in­de­pen­dence, es­pe­cially be­cause what’s best about th­ese is they in­volve oth­ers, and those in­di­vid­u­als will sup­port you in ways you’ve never con­ceived pos­si­ble. Now it is.


APR 19 — MAY 19

Usu­ally you’d be un­easy about mak­ing sud­den changes, es­pe­cially if they’d take you into new ter­ri­tory. Yet the stun­ning as­pects be­ing formed by your ruler Venus, dur­ing Septem­ber’s last half, both usher in ap­peal­ing events and calm your anx­i­eties about even dra­matic shifts. Tempt­ing as it is to dis­cuss th­ese, cer­tain in­di­vid­u­als can’t help but raise un­set­tling, and un­nec­es­sary, ques­tions. For now, keep things to your­self.


AUG 22 — SEP 21

Since you’re usu­ally the one who’s help­ing oth­ers with con­fu­sion in their lives, your re­cent strug­gles with de­ci­sions in a range of sit­u­a­tions have sur­prised you. Fi­nally, things come to­gether, prompted by the in­sights, both about plans and your pri­or­i­ties ush­ered in by Wed­nes­day’s Virgo New Moon. Take time to re­flect on th­ese, since they’ll also be help­ful when mak­ing de­ci­sions be­tween now and Septem­ber’s close.


DEC 21 — JAN 18

The Capri­corn prac­ti­cal streak is leg­endary. It’s helped you fo­cus, over­come chal­lenges and work longer and harder than most. Yet you’re still firmly avoid­ing cer­tain ideas, ven­tures or changes, sim­ply be­cause they rouse sev­eral un­re­solved doubts or anx­i­eties. How­ever, be­tween now and early Oc­to­ber’s pow­er­ful Full Moon, which ac­cents th­ese mat­ters, you’ll con­quer them and, ap­pre­hen­sive as you may be, you’ll do so with grace.


MAY 20 — JUNE 20

For weeks you’ve been con­duct­ing in­ter­nal de­bates about po­ten­tial changes in your do­mes­tic or work­ing life or piv­otal long terms goals and driv­ing your­self, and oth­ers, crazy. Now, the fresh per­spec­tive that comes with Wed­nes­day’s New Moon elim­i­nates con­fu­sion, leav­ing you with a clear sense of both your ob­jec­tives and a plan. Dis­cuss this with those in­volved but no­body else, at least for the mo­ment.


SEP 22 — OCT 22

As a Libra, you’re a dreamer. Th­ese usu­ally in­volve your per­sonal re­la­tion­ships and tricky sit­u­a­tions in your daily life or work. So, with things fall­ing into place al­most mag­i­cally, re­cently and this week, you’re thrilled but also wary. You needn’t be. And the catch? It’s that be­fore the end of Septem­ber, you’ll need to make big-time changes, but changes that are bet­ter than you dared be­lieve pos­si­ble.


JAN 19 — FEB 18

For ages you’ve been play­ing with ideas that are as in­tim­i­dat­ing as they are in­trigu­ing. And, be­cause you’re an Aquar­ian, and there­fore thrive on such mat­ters, you’re de­ter­mined to get in­volved. Yet at the mo­ment you’re not only anx­ious, you’re strug­gling with doubts of the sort you rarely ex­pe­ri­ence. This is the pre­lude to a life-changing break­through, one that will take place be­fore Oc­to­ber’s close.


JUNE 21 — JULY 21

First, you dealt with shake-ups trig­gered by Au­gust’s two eclipses, and since then there’ve been ques­tions about or­gan­is­ing the re­sult­ing changes. It’s go­ing well but has been ex­haust­ing. Hap­pily, the New Moon, on Wed­nes­day, brings both prac­ti­cal­i­ties and your vi­sion of what’s pos­si­ble to­gether in a re­al­is­tic plan. Tempt­ing as it is to tell oth­ers, get things go­ing first. Then, and only then, dis­cuss what you’re do­ing.


OCT 23 — NOV 21

From your per­spec­tive, cer­tain is­sues are best kept un­spo­ken. While, thus far, you’ve man­aged to side­step dis­cussing them, you dis­cover cer­tain in­di­vid­u­als know far more than you re­alise. Worse, they ex­pect you to talk over th­ese mat­ters frankly, and in a group. Chal­leng­ing as this is ini­tially, you soon re­alise all those fears were for noth­ing, and let th­ese and sim­i­lar is­sues go, and for good.


FEB 19 — MAR 19

Re­cently, you hes­i­tantly sug­gested ideas, changes or ven­tures you knew would be un­wel­come. This in­volved fam­ily, an in­di­vid­ual or a group. Since then, you’ve been per­sis­tent, in the way only a Pisces can be. And now, to your de­light, that op­po­si­tion is fad­ing. Your next chal­lenge? Liv­ing with the re­al­i­sa­tion you’ve achieved ex­actly the goals you were pur­su­ing, and the ac­com­pa­ny­ing joy.

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