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Ja­son Mo­moa has called Aus­tralia home for most of this year while film­ing Aquaman on the Gold Coast. But be­fore cinema-go­ers get Aquaman’s ori­gin story, they’ll get a taste of what he has to of­fer in Jus­tice League.

DC’s equiv­a­lent to Marvel’s The Avengers, the su­per­hero ac­tion epic in­tro­duces Mo­moa as Aquaman, who agrees to fight along­side Ben Af­fleck’s Bat­man, Gal Gadot’s Won­der­man, Ezra Miller’s The Flash and Ray Fisher’s Cy­borg.

Q: What went through your mind when di­rec­tor Zack Sny­der first ap­proached you about play­ing Arthur Curry/Aquaman and rein­vent­ing this iconic su­per­hero?

When Zack first ap­proached me, it was a bit of a mys­tery be­cause when I went in for the au­di­tion he wanted me to read for Bat­man – and Ben (Af­fleck) had al­ready been cast in the role by that point.

So, I knew some­thing fishy was go­ing on and just read the lines with a lot of at­ti­tude, like I didn’t care what was on the page (laughs). And then Zack said to me, ‘Do you know who I want you to play?’ I said, ‘Oh, yeah, I’ll be a vil­lain or some bad dude who comes in and fights Bat­man – sounds like fun’. He said, ‘I want you to play Aquaman’.

So, I was just stand­ing there, kind of in shock. All I could think of was the tra­di­tional Aquaman from the comics – who is white and blonde and wears the or­ange and green cos­tume. I thought he had to be jok­ing… but Zack had this look on his face. He said, ‘Hear me out,’ and told me that he wanted the Aquaman in this film to be an out­sider.

I was born in Hawaii and raised in Iowa, and ba­si­cally grew up an out­sider, so I could def­i­nitely iden­tify with that.

I also liked that Arthur is a half-breed – half-At­lantean and half-hu­man – and was re­ally in­ter­ested in the idea of him be­ing this brown-skinned su­per­hero who is part of two worlds but doesn’t be­long to ei­ther one. I think that’s pretty spe­cial.

And me be­ing a Hawai­ian, Aquaman’s mythol­ogy also res­onated with me be­cause we have wa­ter gods in our cul­ture – and that goes for many is­lands.

Q: How much did you know about the Jus­tice League?

I was a big comic book fan. I read a lot of dif­fer­ent comics when I was a kid, and ob­vi­ously loved Bat­man and su­per­hero movies in gen­eral.

But I hadn’t read a lot of Jus­tice League prior to this film, so I did my re­search.

Q: You’re a part of an en­sem­ble cast bring­ing these larger-than-life he­roes to life. What was it like the first time all of you came to­gether on set?

I played it cool, but I was to­tally geek­ing out on the in­side (laughs).

We re­ally loved be­ing on this jour­ney to­gether, and al­ways wanted to see each other on set.

Whether it was do­ing team-build­ing scenes or these am­bi­tious, com­pli­cated stunt se­quences, we’d al­ways sup­port each other and try to make each other laugh.

One of the great things about hav­ing these ac­tors in these roles is that they’re all just so per­fectly cast.

Bat­man is my favourite char­ac­ter, and when I first saw Ben Af­fleck in that cape and cowl, it was so cool.

He’s an amaz­ing Bat­man. And Gal Gadot is the per­fect Won­der Woman.

She’s just this pow­er­ful pres­ence, but so warm and ab­so­lutely stun­ning.

And I can’t think of a bet­ter choice for The Flash than Ezra.

And then there’s Ray as Cy­borg, and, to me, he has the hard­est role.

STARS: Ben Af­fleck, Gal Gadot, Ja­son Mo­moa (main pic­ture), Ezra Miller, Henry Cav­ill, Ray Fisher (above), Jeremy Irons, JK Sim­mons, Amy Adams, Am­ber Heard, Robin Wright, Con­nie Nielsen, Diane Lane. DI­REC­TOR: Zack Sny­der RAT­ING: M REVIEWER’S LAST WORD:...

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