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AL­PHA (PG) What you live is what you pet US, 96 min

Long be­fore dogs had their day — some 20,000 years ago, to be ex­act — an­other species had an im­pres­sive try­out for the job as man’s best friend. This is the story of a hardy Arc­tic wolf named Al­pha, and how she bud­died-up big-time with Keda (Aus­tralian star Kodi SmitMcPhee), the only son of the chief of a no­madic tribe. On his very first hunt­ing ex­pe­di­tion, Keda gets on the wrong side of a ram­pag­ing pack of bi­son and takes a tum­ble over a ledge. Left for dead, Keda faces an im­pos­si­bly ar­du­ous jour­ney home un­til a chance en­counter with the kindly and clever Al­pha. What fol­lows is a stark yet stun­ningly mounted ad­ven­ture odyssey, wherein boy and wolf must meld minds to con­tin­u­ally elude ev­ery dan­ger na­ture sends their way. Younger view­ers (boys in par­tic­u­lar) will plug into this ex­pe­ri­ence on an easy-to-fol­low, com­ing-of-Ice-Age level. Older on­look­ers won’t mind it either as a shorter, sweeter ver­sion of The Revenant, mi­nus the mur­ders and re­venge killings, of course!

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