Brumby muster not hu­mane

Townsville Bulletin - - Weekend Extra - S FRY, Heat­ley.

BILL Hankin raised some very im­por­tant facts re­gard­ing the brumby is­sue.

While I don’t know the area, I as­sume that by try­ing to trap them would be out of the ques­tion now with the wet sea­son in progress, as wa­ter and feed would be in abun­dance.

Com­ing from a large prop­erty in the Gulf, I have ex­pe­ri­enced first­hand the var­i­ous ways of brumby erad­i­ca­tion.

I can safely tes­tify that the most hu­mane way of deal­ing with the prob­lem is the first way.

Hire a he­li­copter, a sharp shooter and erad­i­cate. In 1987, I wit­nessed a brumby ‘run’ or ‘muster’. It was one of the sad­dest things I can re­mem­ber.

What ev­ery­one is for­get­ting in this sce­nario is that th­ese are wild an­i­mals.

What brumbies make it to the yard will head-butt, kick, bite oth­ers, and throw them­selves into pan­el­ing, the ground and other horses. They will ei­ther kill them­selves first or be left with bro­ken noses, or legs, not to men­tion lac­er­a­tions and grazes. And this is while they’re still in the yard. To be hu­mane is to show con­sid­er­a­tion and sym­pa­thy for an an­i­mal, an avoid­ance of (un­nec­es­sary) stress and the demon­stra­tion of com­pas­sion and ten­der­ness to­wards our fel­low crea­tures.

The RSPCA, to me, seems to be rea­son­able in most is­sues. I can as­sure you that they and other an­i­mal wel­fare groups would not ap­prove of a brumby muster at the con­clu­sion of it. I hope that com­mon sense pre­vails.

Pro­tect Sun­days

CON­GRAT­U­LA­TIONS on the edi­to­rial in which you de­fended Sun­day as a day for fam­i­lies and for rest and for all the good things that are es­sen­tial to our life to­gether (TB, Dec. 18), rather than let­ting it be­come one more shop­ping day.

Un­less we pro­tect our­selves from the pres­sures of so­ci­ety, we will lose some­thing of our hu­man­ity in the long run. REV MICHAEL PUT­NEY,

Bishop of Townsville.

In­quiries only: 07 4722 4427

WILD . . . brumbies do not re­act well to cap­ture

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