Show re­spect to griev­ing fam­i­lies

To­tally dis­gusted in the peo­ple of tville cortege from mor­leys not one per­son stopped out of re­spect. Dar­ren, mackay

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Peace out rabbits its xmas joy to all Ing­ham doc­tor makes clin­i­cal er­ror due to fa­tigue they should have log books like truck driv­ers les smith char­ters tow­ers Who needs v8 su­per cars. just sit on the air­port road be­tween 4am-6am to see the cab­bie races as they try to out­run each other back to the city for an­other fare. Bet­ter and faster than any v8 run. mp, pim­lico Gul­liver gets brown wa­ter too, es­pe­cially af­ter 4pm when it is wa­ter­ing time. Co­in­ci­dence? Also hap­pens to be cook­ing time for young fam­i­lies and i have to cook for my kids with dirty wa­ter. Boiled it twice and still brown. Mr Lind­say’s $20 mil. Surely it’s not his money! Wouldn’t this be our money that he has com­mited. Tax payer Paul, Gul­liver If Tville peo­ple want to see a qual­ity dept store like Myer or DJs come to town, then we have to prove that we are in­ter­ested in qual­ity prod­ucts. Start sup­port­ing stores that stock qual­ity goods and show the re­tail­ers that we are not just in­ter­ested in the ’cheap is best’ junk shops To the per­son that egged cars in R’side this wk, thank u. This prompted me 2 clean. Goes to show pos can come from neg, found $22 change un­der the seats! MS Let’s hope, that whoever buys the Birdsville Ho­tel sees fit to re­tain it in it’s iconic, orig­i­nal state. DB, West End The flag was burned in Bris­bane. At my first ever so-called in­dige­nous march, black and white lo­cals ral­lied to­gether peace­fully and with pur­pose. I felt hon­oured to be part of the fight for jus­tice of a lo­cal mother’s son. Jen, Bohle To all my friends who sent me best wishes for 2006, it didn’t work! So for 2007 could u please send ei­ther money, booze or fuel vouch­ers. Cheers. Thanx. : ) KLG, Vin­cent I still can­not be­lieve that some peo­ple still think that ap­pren­tices should not be charged out to a job. They cost busi­ness own­ers up to $38 per hour plus over­heads. There is no won­der there is a trade short­age in this town when the pub­lic wont pay for them while they train. I have 3 ap­pren­tices and would go broke in a week if i couldnt charge them out. Fed up tradie To kim. The first Xmas with­out your mum is hard. Keep your chin up and re­mem­ber the good times. Mums hold your hand for a bit but hold ya heart 4 ever. JP, kirwan Mal what r the shops in the mall 4. What r the shops at the wil­lows 4.Get a grip not ev­ery­one wants 2 work on sun­day. U call me ig­no­rant, well maybe i am but i know where my pri­or­i­ties lie. Have a happy Xmas. Mags, pim­lico Why on earth do the po­lice need a 270km/h speed ma­chine? Wake up & prac­tice what you preach. Speed kills. Nymond, mt low Shane warne re­tir­ing? Over­rated over­paid sportsper­son. who gives a f@*k! Trev from con­don Shane Warne bloody leg­end. Now can pa­thetic Aussie me­dia leave him alone. Gus, Douglas Great 2 see black & white walk­ing 2gether at march. Ac­tions louder than words beat­tie. Lis­ten 2 the peo­ple mate! Proper tsv Re: nin­tendo wii, the graph­ics are fine. The con­trollers are easy and fun. Even my par­ents can play. U can play on­line, and surf the net from the 23rd dec. Most of the games are great. Maybe u chose the wrong ones. Nin­tendo fan, blue­wa­ter. What ever hap­pened 2 the aus­tralian aisle in su­per­mar­kets. Who do we have to put pres­sure on 2 get the ball rolling and sup­port our aussie farm­ers and pro­duc­ers.clint, mt louisa Moved up from melb in jan this year for the laid­back lifestyle. Un­for­tu­nately I’ve be­come sick­en­ingly aware of the bla­tant and al­most ac­cepted level of racism up here. It’s 2006 Aus­tralia, but Ican’t help feelin like there is still tacit com­plic­ity from ‘on high’ to con­tinue with the so-called long dead White Aus­tralia pol­icy. I’m not in­dige­nous, half span­ish, half ir­ish aussie ac­tu­ally Start open­ing race nights at the drag. I could probly beat any­one in my car and it stops crashes on the week­end. Nathan bill, Wil­lows

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