Townsville Bulletin - - Weekend Extra - with Shelley von Strunckel

aries Mar 21 / Apr 20 leo Jul 24 / Aug 23 sagittarius Nov 23 / Dec 22

This hardly seems the ideal time to re­or­gan­ise el­e­ments of your life. How­ever, once you be­gin do­ing so, you’ll re­alise that cer­tain habits that you sim­ply haven’t ques­tioned are ei­ther no longer use­ful or are ac­tu­ally caus­ing you prob­lems. Chal­leng­ing as elim­i­nat­ing them seems, once you be­gin, you’ll won­der why you didn’t do it sooner.

As you well know, not ev­ery­body is as happy about change as you are. In the past this has led to bat­tles, and now you’re fac­ing ob­sta­cles to cer­tain ideas you have in mind. How­ever, if you move swiftly you can take ad­van­tage of this week­end’s dra­matic shake up, which makes what you’re sug­gest­ing seem mod­est.

It’s the rare Aries who thinks there’s any­thing wrong with los­ing your tem­per from time to time. How­ever, re­cently you said more than was needed, in the process se­ri­ously up­set­ting one or two in­di­vid­u­als. If you were on the re­ceiv­ing end, you’d just for­get it. But they aren’t Aries, and un­til you apol­o­gise, they’ll re­main up­set.

tau­rus Apr 21 / May 20

There’s a fine line be­tween be­ing blunt, which you’ll have to be if you’re to get cer­tain things across to oth­ers, and ac­tual rude­ness. Stop just short of that and you’ll avoid pro­vok­ing those who are al­ready on the edge. On the other hand, you can’t be any less forth­right or they’ll sim­ply ig­nore you.

virgo Aug 24 / Sep 23

Ob­vi­ous you con­sider it, but oth­ers may not un­der­stand what’s most im­por­tant to you or why. What’s more, with nu­mer­ous de­ci­sions be­ing made that will shape your life and re­la­tions with oth­ers for a long time to come, it’s worth go­ing over this any­way. This en­sures that they’ll be no un­wel­come sur­prises later.

capricorn Dec 23 / Jan 20

Life would be a lot eas­ier if you could just con­front oth­ers about press­ing and per­sis­tent is­sues. But you also know that if you made your move now, it would only make things worse. Once Mer­cury joins the Sun in your sign, in the mid­dle of next week, there’ll be lit­tle prob­lem rais­ing th­ese is­sues.

gemini May 21 / June 21

No­body would say that you’ve been se­cre­tive. Yet there are cer­tain is­sues you’ve ei­ther kept to your­self or sidestepped, pri­mar­ily be­cause you felt they’d be too time-con­sum­ing to deal with. Now you’ve no choice but to raise them. Once you do oth­ers will be re­lieved, since they, too, are aware th­ese need to be dealt with.

libra Sep 24 / Oct 23

You’re al­ways an­noyed you that oth­ers don’t re­alise that, when things are go­ing wrong, chang­ing the sub­ject can achieve won­ders. You then be­gin a charm of­fen­sive, en­sur­ing that those who’ve been dif­fi­cult feel both ap­pre­ci­ated and at ease. Af­ter that, there’s very lit­tle like­li­hood that they’ll ob­ject to any­thing you have in mind.

aquar­ius Jan 21 / Feb 19

Look­ing at the cur­rent plan­e­tary set up, the phrase “stand your ground” comes to mind. Be­tween un­ex­pected rev­e­la­tions and sur­prise changes in cir­cum­stance, ev­ery­body’s bound to have sug­ges­tions about what’s wise. Lis­ten to th­ese, but when it comes to ac­tu­ally mak­ing plans, don’t let them in­flu­ence you. It’s your life and de­ci­sions are up to you.

can­cer Jun 22

If ever there was a time when frank dis­cus­sions were in or­der, it’s now. For­get about con­cerns that you’ll ruf­fle the feath­ers of oth­ers. They’ve cul­ti­vated the im­age of be­ing eas­ily up­set so that they can avoid tak­ing re­spon­si­bil­ity for such sit­u­a­tions. Con­front them head on. They’re not naïve, and will be ex­pect­ing it.

scorpio Oct 24 / Nov 22

Ob­vi­ously, you’re in no mood to go over re­cent rather dif­fi­cult dis­cus­sions. They were chal­leng­ing enough at the time, so a re­peat per­for­mance is the last thing you’re in­ter­ested in. How­ever, you’ve lots yet to learn from th­ese, and what comes to light will more than com­pen­sate for the ef­fort in­volved.

pisces Feb 20 / Mar 20

The time has come to be frank. Don’t keep your ideas or plans to your­self for fear that they’ll make oth­ers worry. Cer­tain in­di­vid­u­als aren’t ac­tu­ally over-pro­tec­tive. Their con­cern masks an in­ten­tion to con­trol you. Con­fronting them won’t be easy un­der any cir­cum­stances. But the longer you wait, the more dif­fi­cult it will be.

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