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From: S.M. Com­ment: Re: Fight night.Ban the brawlers from Flin­ders St East.Have their pho­tos posted in the foy­ers of clubs and pubs so they can be recog­nised and re­moved.If they can’t han­dle the grog, ban them from drink­ing as well. From: Thelma Joyce Com­ment: The ar­ti­cle on culling of brumbies is en­light­en­ing and dis­turb­ing.I un­der­stand that the RSPCA has con­demned this prac­tice.The hu­mane op­tion would serve the same pur­pose, and should be adopted. From: With­held Com­ment: I read with in­ter­est the is­sues fac­ing the child safety work­ers and I feel very bad for them, and I know just how they feel. The staff at pro­ba­tion and pa­role (for­merly com­mu­nity cor­rec­tions) are in the same boat, ie.lack of staff, lack of re­sources, back­log of work, scape­goats.The only dif­fer­ence is that pro­ba­tion and pa­role of­fi­cers are al­lo­cated their caseloads not on where they sit, but on how well they get along with man­age­ment re­gard­less of skills, knowl­edge or ca­pa­bil­ity. There are a lot of staff at pro­ba­tion and pa­role who are ex­tremely un­happy as well. Given the num­ber of staff who are in higher po­si­tions with­out any skills, train­ing or ex­pe­ri­ence, it is only a mat­ter of time be­fore some­thing very dan­ger­ous hap­pens and then the gov­ern­ment/man­age­ment may do some­thing about it.

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