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aries Mar 21 / Apr 20 leo Jul 24 / Aug 23 sagittarius Nov 23 / Dec 22

What be­gan as ca­sual dis­cus­sions about seem­ingly unim­por­tant mat­ters have brought highly sig­nif­i­cant is­sues to the sur­face. While you wouldn’t think this the ideal mo­ment to be­gin dis­cussing such mat­ters, there’s no bet­ter time. Bet­ter yet, once you be­gin, you’ll have an enor­mous sense of re­lief that you’ve fi­nally had the courage to tackle them.

You’d rather face a dif­fi­cult fact than live with an un­truth. As you’ve learned over the past few days, when it comes to such mat­ters, not ev­ery­body has the same coura­geous approach to life that you do. Rather, cer­tain in­di­vid­u­als have made it clear that they’re un­will­ing even to dis­cuss the is­sues in ques­tion.

You’ve just learned that some­body you’ve trusted has been hold­ing out on you, and you’re both an­gry and dev­as­tated. How­ever, be­fore you say too much, re­flect on cer­tain re­cent sit­u­a­tions in which you said less than you could have. Your ex­cuse was avoid­ing un­nec­es­sary dra­mas. Still, there’s not a lot of dif­fer­ence be­tween then and now.

tau­rus Apr 21 / May 20 virgo Aug 24 / Sep 23 capricorn Dec 23 / Jan 20

Be­ing an earth sign, you’ve a knack for deal­ing with even the more chal­leng­ing of sit­u­a­tions both clev­erly and con­struc­tively. But what’s just come your way has you foxed and feel­ing some­what pan­icked, par­tic­u­larly as it in­volves fi­nances or your re­sources. Chal­leng­ing as this seems now, you’ll soon fig­ure out a bril­liant so­lu­tion.

Be­ing ruled by the planet of ideas and ex­pres­sion, Mer­cury, you’re skilled at ex­plain­ing even the most com­plex of sit­u­a­tions in a way oth­ers un­der­stand eas­ily. That will prove ex­traor­di­nar­ily help­ful now. Not only do oth­ers need to have the ob­vi­ous clar­i­fied for them, it needs to be pre­sented in a man­ner that makes ar­gu­ment im­pos­si­ble.

Life will be a lot eas­ier when you and those you must work or live with are view­ing piv­otal plans from the same per­spec­tive, which is by no means the case now. This can only be ac­com­plished by thought­ful dis­cus­sion. Time con­sum­ing as this may be, there’s no doubt that it’s an in­vest­ment in your fu­ture.

gemini May 21 / June 21

You thought that when you dis­cussed re­cent trou­ble­some sit­u­a­tions with oth­ers, they were be­ing as frank as you were. But now you’re be­gin­ning to re­alise that they were speak­ing in half-truths. Te­dious as go­ing over ev­ery­thing may be, not only will it elim­i­nate any po­ten­tial mis­un­der­stand­ings, what you learn about their strat­egy could prove use­ful.

libra Sep 24 / Oct 23

You’re by no means se­cre­tive. Yet there are cer­tain facts you keep to your­self, mostly be­cause you feel that dis­cussing them would only up­set oth­ers. That might be true. But still, they’re im­por­tant. If in doubt whether or not to men­tion th­ese, just think how you’d feel if some­body kept the same facts from you.

aquar­ius Jan 21 / Feb 19

A com­bi­na­tion of re­cent frank dis­cus­sions and the in­sights trig­gered by changes in the at­ti­tude and be­hav­iour of oth­ers has re­vealed that you re­ally must re­view cer­tain re­la­tion­ships. This is likely to re­veal an im­bal­ance. But it’s oth­ers who’d have to mend their ways, as you’re do­ing far more giv­ing than you are re­ceiv­ing.

can­cer Jun 22 / Jul 23

You’re only now dis­cov­er­ing that those who swore they told you ev­ery­thing weren’t ex­actly be­ing hon­est. If you con­front them, how­ever, you’ll re­alise that this variety of half-baked truth is what they con­sider to be hon­esty. Shock­ing as that is, there’s one ad­van­tage. At least you now know ex­actly the sort of per­son you’re deal­ing with.

scorpio Oct 24 / Nov 22

When you ne­glected to men­tion cer­tain plans to oth­ers, you weren’t ex­clud­ing them. You sim­ply re­garded those ar­range­ments as not re­ally be­ing their af­fair. Not only do they beg to dif­fer, they’re very hurt about this. You may not have in­tended to up­set them, but still, it’s eas­ier to apol­o­gise and put it all be­hind you.

pisces Feb 20 / Mar 20

Af­ter hav­ing tried ev­ery pos­si­ble way to get the point across to oth­ers with­out be­ing blunt, you’re fi­nally re­al­is­ing sub­tlety isn’t go­ing to work. The fact is, they’ve been well aware what you wanted them to do, but have also known you were un­likely to con­front them. So when you do, they’re bound to be shocked.

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