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From: NevShep­herd­son Com­ment: The State Gov­ern­ment should, I be­lieve, have no Euro­pean po­lice sta­tioned at Palm. The po­lice pres­ence there should be Abo­rig­i­nal only. I am sure all the res­i­dents would agree. From: Ray Laz­za­roni Com­ment: To all the bleed­ing-heart do­good­ers, I feel much safer know­ing our gov­ern­ment has full con­trol of our chil­dren. The Child Pro­tec­tion Author­ity (Nazis) should get a real job and give back our demo­cratic right to dis­ci­pline our chil­dren, like the old days when so­ci­ety and re­spect for oth­ers went hand in hand. I hear it to of­ten from par­ents: ‘‘What can we do, the child Nazis will take them away if we dis­ci­pline them?’’ When an act of de­struc­tive van­dal­ism is caught, a year in mil­i­tary school or boot camp should ad­just any de­fec­tive at­ti­tude th­ese scum­bags may have. Let’s start with our politi­cians. From: Mumma Com­ment: Con­grat­u­la­tions Tui and Jack on the new ad­di­tions to the fam­ily. What an ab­so­lute trea­sure, those three lit­tle bun­dles will bring many years of joy and tears. Good luck with ev­ery­thing, have a Merry Christ­mas, and I wish you all the best in the New Year with your healthy lit­tle ba­bies.

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