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To Trev from Con­don. U say Shane Warne is over­rated. Iknow 699 rea­sons that say u havnt a clue wot ur on about. Stik 2 the things u know Trev. Buzz C’jong

Shane Warne the worlds best. (HOG­WASH). Mu­ralitha­ran is only 26 wick­ets be­hind him, has played 33 less tests and has a lower av­er­age. Percy. Proser­pine.

Ithink you’ll find Har­ris Scarfe was the dpt stre at stock­land and David Jones was on the cor­ner on which you’ll find the leagues club 4 the Cow­boys. K Thom­son Avle

David Jones used to be where the Cow­boys club is in the mall. This was a long time ago. It then went to Stock­land and fi­nally closed down. Johnny. Mount Isa

There was David Jones in the city years ago where the Cow­boys club is now, Ire­mem­ber it from when i was a kid ! Leah Rosslea

Dear Kirwan .. David Jones was in mall 4 decades be­fore mov­ing to Stock­land. Seems we do know our ge­og­ra­phy. And his­tory. PJ Kirwan

Mike from Mt Low what you also for­got to men­tion was La­bor also taxed our su­per­an­nu­a­tion an no one could af­ford a house be­cause in­ter­est rates were up to 16%. So next time they get in give me your ad­dress and i’ll buy your house off ya

Mike, Mt Low, u r kid­ding. Union in­spired La­bor gov’ments end up broke eg, Cain, Kirner in Vic. Huge debt com­mon­place. Front bench’s stacked with pub­lic ser­vants not peo­ple with busi­ness exp. Its busi­ness that makes coun­try tick not hand­out La­bor gov’ments pan­der­ing to unions/ work­ers. — Trev, Gul­liver

T of douglas 26/12 ob­vi­ously your non in­dige­nous oth­er­wise you wouldnt have made such a stupid com­ment Len Kirwan

Love your cov­er­age of the Sri Lankan com­mu­nity cen­tre built by Tsville but surely you mean the UN­selfish sac­ri­fice of the Mater staff? Al Kirwan

Ed’snote:you’reright,Al,we­did mean‘un­selfishly’.Ou­rapolo­giesto Mater­staff.

Please re­mem­ber to drive safely on the roads , pay at­ten­tion , you maybe doin the right thing and be killed by some other fool ... R.I.P Jamie 14/12/06 Youll be missed! H. Smith Rosslea

Lo­cal V8 com­mi­tee-ire­land & co would mag­i­cally find short­fall $$ if they could get a shot at spon­sor­shp rights so tightly ran by v8 su­per­cars. Mick Kirwan

The deep sea bream are on the bite! Lenny, Blue­wa­ter

Moved from Syd­ney last year for the re­laxed lifestyle. Am shocked at townsvilles ho­mo­pho­bic at­ti­tude to­wards gay peo­ple. Bring your­selves into the 20th cen­tury peo­ple! Dis­ap­pointed to find out that Townsville is the "hic-town" i was hop­ing it WOULDNT be :( Kim-Deer­a­gun

If Palm Is­land is so de­ter­mined to have no po­lice con­trol or law en­force­ment, why don’t we re­move the (free) gov­ern­ment ser­vices that are at­tempt­ing to pre­vent vi­o­lence, child and an­i­mal abuse and bla­tant pub­lic al­co­holism. K Mys­ter­ton

Dis­a­pointed to see wa­ter po­lice fail to help2 boats hav­ing trou­ble on Satur­day just too busy rais­ing rev­enue to give a damn. An­other case of lit­tle men hid­ing be­hind badges? Bob Kirwan

In­ter­stater-the scene prior 2 Doomagee’s ar­rest & death is typ­i­cal of non-in­dige­nous uni stu­dents nightly-drunk-singing-at times abuse-ar­rests? Equal­ity? Jus­tice

Shame Wil­lows shopc­ntr no lights in carpark Thurs nite af­ter 9.30 when shops were open much later. Very un­safe for shop­pers and staff NN Kirwan

Aus­tralia- love it or leave it. Maybe flag burn­ers should think about that. If I burned an abo­rig­i­nal flag it would be an ar­restable of­fence. K N Ward

Any­where in t’ville that does Fut­sal (in­door soc­cer)? Am fe­male want­ing 2 start again but cant find any­where that does it.

Does any­thing cost 20 cents any­more 2 dol­lars for a go at The Strand’s new tele­scope what a rip off!. SEB Home Hill

Well well well. 550,000 AFL club mem­bers com­pared to 50,000 NRL. Now u tell me which code is more pop­u­lar and sup­ported. Bill Mt Louisa.

To Mags Pim­lico, Ilived in a town half the size of Tville that had sun­day tradin its needed here as well as later hrs on Satur­day com­pa­nies give days off for it

Mike Reynolds en­ti­tld 2 hol­i­day like any1! Moreso coz stress­ful job. Health comes 1st. With­out health u hav nothn! Itsa msg 4 all of us. jen@rlw est

To the per­son who replied to JMT A’dale on Tues­day 19 ... why is it that the sec­ond some­one says black it is racist but its OK for u to say whitey??? Racism works both ways! Ito­tally agree that what hap­pened to Abo­rig­i­nals way back then was awe­full and should not have hap­pened but I DID NOT DO IT so why should i have to pay??? And the death in cus­tody should be looked upon as that-a hu­man life lost

To Dry and dusty-n/ward. I to­tally agree with the wa­ter park, See­ing how pop­u­lar The Strand and River­way wa­ter parks are a full on park with slides and wave pools would be a gold mine!

Cant be­lieve that some­one can steal a $400 bike that is locked in the mid­del of the day out the front of sun­land and the fam­ily dosnt say a thing when they get home , what typ of com­mu­nity do we live in. Meg Douglas

Give way to the right at round­abouts its not hard peo­ple or would you rather get t boned Simo Kirwan

To all the ppl whn knock the DPP de­ci­son. Have u eva heard of a thing called STAN­DARD OF PROOF? If not ure ig­no­rance of the jus­tice sys­tem is blind­ing u. In­stead of knock­ing the sys­tem, learn about it. You will them un­der­stand the de­ci­sion. C. Bull Kwn

Im sick of see­ing dogs roam­ing the streets, I have seen so many the past 2 wks not 2 men­tion the 1 that i did c get hit by a car! If u cant look af­ter ur pets dont have them! Frus­trated / Nat.s

Shane Warne

Mut­tiah Mu­ralitha­ran

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