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The great­est blight on cricket is al­low­ing mu­rali to con­tinue chuck­ing warne got all his wick­ets legally neil cas­tle hill

Big diff. bowl­ing bhind pace at­tacks inc. mcgrath, dizzy, flem­ing, kaspa, etc. and bowl­ing bhind noth­ing. If warne play 4 SL prob­a­bly have 900 wkts. Adam, ayr

Warne sim­ply the best, your kid­ding. This is the per­son who pub­li­cily hu­mil­i­ated his lovely wife & kids. Sus­pended 4 drug tak­ing, in­volved in a book­mak­ing scam plus other dis­grace­ful be­hav­ior. Good ri­d­ance. Chris Rosslea

In ref­er­ence to the so called great shane warne, has ev­ery­body for­got­ton what a drug cheat he was

some ad­vice 2 d ge­orgee have u ever baited a hook with hay 2 catch a horse or have u tried 2 shoot a fish bob from bowen

Well Kim if you dont like our at­ti­tude to­wards your im­moral ways y dont u in back to Syd­ney and take your ways with u. We dont need your views here af­ter­all we have enough of our own probs . . . Mark MT Louis

To Kim of Deer­a­gun, please don’t judge all Twnsvl peo­ple by the few you have met so far, a lot of us ARE NOT ho­mo­pho­bic. Dazy G. Tvlle

Mag­gie Is­land op­er­a­tors - wake up & smell the Christ­mas pud­ding . . . You have CUS­TOMERS on your door step & you’re closed but you’re the first ones to com­plain when times get tough. Tourist from Bris­bane

Xmas eve on Mag­gie Is. HUGE in­flux of vis­i­tors/tourists. How many TAXI:S work­ing? Just ONE! Al­beit a peo­ple mover, but ONE TAXI!! ? - P.S. TOFT - M.I.

To the owner of the bone coloured c’mdore, noth­ing like emp­ty­ing rub­bish out car win­dow on way home along dalrymple road! get a life! dis­gusted 14yr old kirwan

Hey tezza from gold coast sounds like u must b a coun­try hick 2 if you know so much about us cant b so bad if u vis­ited us to join in our los­ing streak

re - tezza.That is the dif­fer­ence be­tween us coun­try hicks and u. our sports teams are wor­thy of grat­i­tude be­cause they try and show spirit.thanks. sm. pim­lico

Boo hiss and shame to coun­cilrs mauloni & mccarthy of in­n­is­fail! No hams 4 the team?? En­joy your last term on the coun­cil. Pj, kirwan

Just won­der­ing if any1 could tell me the tra­di­tional mean­ing of box­ing day have asked ev­ery1 and no­body knows??? Meg mt louisa

A kirwan is cor­rect in say­ing david jones was in the mall! Where the cow­boys leagues club is now used to be its home un­til they de­cided to move it to stock­land!

David jones was in mall and stock­land. It was where cow­boys is now. Migz a’vale

david jones was at the mall back in the 80s b4 it was at stock­land. u should re­search beta b4 bein sar­cas­tic

4 the per­son who doesn’t re­mem­ber david jones in the townsville mall. Don’t doubt some­one elses me­mory be­cause you couldn’t be both­ered check­ing the facts. Ann Aitken­vale

Oh yeah, at least they’ve played in GF’s 4 their codes. Can u say that about your nrl or nbl teams that you’ve had down there? KT A’vale

Re: Brian/SJ I Was struck dumb! (adj?). Ta 4 in­put-how­ever my dear(s), I don:t give a dumb. Mary Xmas.M.I.

THE BEST . . . spin­ners Shane Warne and Mut­tiah Mu­ralitha­ran

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