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there are two sides to ev­ery story, es­pe­cially when it comes to re­la­tion­ships. lendl ryan ex­am­ines ‘the cou­ple’

Townsville Bulletin - - Savvy -

Matthew Mather and El­iza Mansell — to­gether two years.

How did you meet? She says: Through a mu­tual friend at Stock­land. He says: I had went over on a Thurs­day night with a mate and he used to work with El­iza and she came over to say hello and

she wouldn’t leave me alone.

What was your first im­pres­sion of him/her?

She says: I thought he was hot and his car was nice.

He says: She wouldn’t stop whin­ing. She was just a big hard luck story.

She says: Don’t say that,it’s not nice.

He says: It’s true. Who asked who out? She says: He didn’t re­ally ask me out. We went up to Cas­tle Hill to have a talk and a friend texted us ask­ing if we were go­ing out and I wrote back I don’t know.

He says: It just kind of hap­pened af­ter see­ing each other for two months. What was your first date like? He says: I don’t re­mem­ber. She says: It was prob­a­bly to the movies or din­ner or some­thing. Ac­tu­ally — I think we went to a bar­be­cue and a party. What’s his/her best fea­ture? She says: Prob­a­bly her per­son­al­ity and will­ing­ness to help other peo­ple.

He says: His per­son­al­ity and I like his eyes,they are pretty.

What’s his/her worst habit?

He says: Spend­ing all of her money. She gets paid monthly and she spends it all in the first two weeks.

She says: Con­stantly mak­ing mod­i­fi­ca­tions to his car— he’s never sat­is­fied with it.

Can you agree on three things to take to a desert is­land?

She says: Prob­a­bly not. I’d take my IPod, food and wa­ter would be good.

He says: Def­i­nitely a bot and two girls. (El­iza hits Matthew) Who wears the pants? She says: We talked about this be­fore.

He says: And we think it’s one leg for each of us,while we are fight­ing to see who’s go­ing to put the other leg in. She says: It think it’s me but any­way.

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What’s the most ro­man­tic ges­ture he/she has shown for you?

He says: Prob­a­bly the first time she cooked me din­ner— she’s a good cook.

She says: He sent me flow­ers for our an­niver­sary and one my birth­day. She is: and El­iza Mansell, 20, ad­min­is­tra­tor

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