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2 kim from Deer­a­gun who cares if T’ville peo­ple r ho­mo­pho­bic! I’ve been livin in syd­ney 2 yrs & no one has even both­ered 2 say g’day 2 me, as soon as i got into T’ville i went down The Strand & at least 10 strangers said hi 2 me, hicsvle not! Peo­ple here r so nice & friendly, Syd­ney is a hor­ri­ble cold city full of up-them­selves peo­ple! i luv T’ville. K Syd­ney Fancy spend­ing 130 mil­lion dol­lars to house 150 crooks, sounds like there liv­ing in lux­ury, Luke Atkv To the Holmkvist fam­ily: there are never enough words to fill the hollow of los­ing a loved one. Each day there are re­minders of what is gone. I hav lost 3 younger brothers at dif­fer­ent times in my life and what gets me through, is that I loved them and they loved me, and I can smile al­ways at the good times. My thoughts are with you..Lyle Jensen, Black Rivr To the per­son or per­sons who stole my mail from my let­ter box a week be­fore Xmas. U took vouch­ers that were sent to my 3 chil­dren from their grandma from Vic who has only seen the­monce in 10 yrs. U took th­ese vouch­ers and cashed them­into Kmart Thurs­day nite to buy what u wanted shame on you i hope u r proud of ur selves u ru­ined my kids Xmas hope karma comes back 2 haunt you. Julieanne.Kirwan Just where is global warn­ing when you need it? What was that - the cold­est sum­mers day in Bris­bane for over one hun­dred years! Lost sales due to the COLD weather! Yep sounds like global warm­ing - NOT! How about good old mother na­ture at her best. We have had droughts be­fore, just not as many peo­ple to keep "wa­tered". Ann Aitken­vale. Thank God the third cricket test only lasted 3 days.That made it 2 less days that tor­mented TV view­ers had to suf­fer Ian Chap­pels’drivel. Don $66m on pok­ies? What about adding to that gam­bling with TAB, book­ies, on­line casino etc. That is a scary fig­ure! NG Tvl. To Wil­son, R’stone 29/12:- u only give way to right on r/bouts, not both ways. c.b. Kirwan Chris of Rosslea. There is al­ways 2 in a re­la­tion­ship so I doubt if u have lived with Si­mone Warne so how do WE KNOW what is fact or fiction. Fluid tablets r taken by all ages so do u as­so­ci­ate those peo­ple as drug tak­ers? U get ur facts right be4 judg­ing. JJ c’jong. Hey James of South Townsville have you ever been to an Ashes test ? Rob Kirwan While shop­ping at C’town yes­ter­day i had the plea­sure of hear­ing a mother call her 2 year old an a——hole. Great ex­am­ple, what chance does the lit­tle one have in life? No won­der, re­spect, man­ners and em­pa­thy are fast dis­ap­pear­ing with each new gen­er­a­tion! Don’t blame the kids, par­ents need to set ex­am­ple and bound­aries. Re —’the rape of the north’, try telling us some­thing we don’t know, may i sug­gest you pub­lish that re­port just prior to the next elec­tion and let the elec­torate do the rest. Are you lis­ten­ing? Wel 2day woz da most bor­ing day 2 read txt ed­i­tor. cme on tvl. its like bnb. sme shit dif day. jj kirwan RF kirwan, lucky u didn’t have an smash as u r in the wrong. U "GIVE WAY" 2 "ALL" traf­fic "ON" the r/about re­gard­less, blinker or not. Mt douglas Onya Wazza, al­ways it is the silent ma­jor­ity who are held with dis­re­gard. Yet the very same are the ones who de­vel­oped our much en­vied Oz way of life. Con­tinue to tell it as it re­ally is. Brian - Mt Low To louie ras­mussen there is too much con­tro­versy about who reaches the round­about first most log­i­cal rule is give way to the right al­ways. indicators only to be used he ex­it­ing left off the round­about or in­di­cate right he leav­ing to the right. this ab­so­lute mo­ronic rule of in­di­cat­ing on and off if go­ing in a straight must have been thought up by some­one like you. jean cran­brook. I might be barkin up the wrong tree but how come a cer­tain new store in town of­fers a re­fund which is clearly printed on their re­ceipt and when this needs to be put into prac­tice they ab­so­lutely refuse. Once bit­ten. An­nan­dale. Tville there r peo­ple strug­gling 2 live day 2 day in­stead of a pokie help a friend or neigh­bour & b re­warded in a big­ger & bet­ter way. Oonoonba To the driv­ers in t’vle have no idea on how 2use round­abouts thats y traf­fic lights r put in place. Tvle driv­ers need 2redo there lic. Give way 2right ONLY get it right. CJ. Wul­guru B Kay . . Thank u . . . Lis­ten to some­one who KNOWS horses; Brumbies or not! again . . Let me stress . .the orig­i­nal is­sue was over HOW they were be­ing culled! Let’s not for­get that. No need for ya­hoo red­necks with a gun and pi­lots li­cence who think they are horse­men! LR An­nan Po­lice car failed 2 in­di­cate leav­ing Strand also when turn­ing on 2 Bun­dock St then speed @ 80kms/hr no flash­ing lights@ 1pm fri­day. Ru above the law?k mt low.j All ac­co­lades to Warnie but lets face it Hay­den out twice on Tues­day and Sy­monds out yes­ter­day but um­pire ig­nores it and what hap­pens Aus­tralia digs in and goes on to win how many times have we seen that sce­nario so far 2006 Ashes will be re­mem­bered for many things and poor um­pir­ing de­ci­sions favour­ing Aus­tralia will be right up there Matt Nth Ward Well said Wazza of Wul­garu! I agree with all that you said re­gard­ing the ’Do Good­ers’! They have screwed so many things and bug­ger the con­se­quences! Rob Kirwan Meg , mt louisa i think box­ing day is a Amer­i­can and refers to open­ing christ­mas presents ie "boxes " on box­ing day , Les Smith Char­ters Tow­ers I’m a black­fulla my­self and I’ve seen my coun­try­men my own colour do harm to them­selves while be­ing ar­rested (head­but­ting etc) to avoid this stop act­ing like that when you drink, stop feel­ing sorry your­self pull your fin­ger out and get a life and get­ting a job in­stead of think­ing ev­ery­body is racista­gainst us. H OF HER­MIT PARK Chris from­rosslea re: warne he is one of if not the best bowler of all time, wat he does in his per­sonal life has noth­ing to do with his bowl­ing, his fig­ures speak for them­selves. Tony ing­ham

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