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LW Jensen; If you think that is a big hike in your power bill wait till Ju­lia Gil­lard gets her car­bon tax through. Ron Kelso. The way is clear, it’s all cut & dried, Ju­lia Gil­lard broke her prom­ise about not in­tro­duc­ing a car­bon tax, which will in­crease the cost of power & fuel, as if the cost of those 2 com­modi­ties aren’t high enough al­ready, to my way of think­ing, any politi­cian who breaks prom­ises, can no longer be trusted, I now feel vin­di­cated in mak­ing the switch to the LNP. D. Bil­ton W. E. Ju­lia Gil­lard is a bla­tant liar . . . This car­bon tax is go­ing to add 20%+ per week to the cost liv­ing ex­penses . . . this is go­ing to fur­ther crip­ple mid­dle to low in­come earn­ers bud­gets . . . this ex­cuse for a PM is only in of­fice by de­fault . . . She must be sent pack­ing Cedric Clu­den Chris McCoomb re Anna Bligh is ever so cor­rect! K Wul­guru Car­bon tax: i’ve al­ready found the an­swer for the car­bon tax to make ev­ery­one happy just need the vot­ers to get be­hind it! If you vote La­bor or the Greens or you be­lieve cli­mate change is mainly caused by man then you pay dou­ble, if not to the above 3 you pay noth­ing! Too easy 4811 P***** d off with the Aust. Govt. sup­port­ing peo­ple smug­glers. The only way to stop the prof­i­teers is not to ac­cept any boat peo­ple, re­turn them to coun­try of de­par­ture. Dee­Jay Rass. ( David Lackey, Ras­mussen). Debra Gib­son. I didn’t see your leader Pauline Han­son out lend­ing a hand dur­ing Yasi and the floods. ATB 4850 Hey Les how about an an­swer to our wa­ter pric­ing. Stop fob­bing us off. NM 4815

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