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Martin bryant? I smell a cover up . . . Bro 4817 Non racist baa baa black sheep, is now baa baa rain­bow sheep. Now my roast is a gay sheep. A think tank re­cently said, ‘‘ ze­bra cross­ing are racist’’, be­cause white folks walk on the black parts, also that they are painted white black etc why not the re­verse. I think they should be pink and called happy cross­ings. Then we can all be called gay walk­ers. con­fused, ad­vice pls. Da­toa 4810 Leonie! I to­tally agree. I vote yes for the death penalty. It costs 60,000-70,000 dol­lars a year to look af­ter these scum. Hey J Who gives a toss about the Libyan tiff ex­cept the ones liv­ing over there. I think more peo­ple would be in­ter­ested in the NZ disas­ter. I sug­gest you watch the SBS news mate, might be more to your ex­otic taste L Kir­wan Mt Louisa whinger, if the house isnt built in 4 liv­ing why are ppl liv­ing unda there? sounds 2 me that u need 2 grow up n stop lis­ten­ing 2 ppls con­ver­sa­tions . Mt Louisa Re edi­tor’s com­ments on high school ex­cur­sion to District Court – you can’t sugar coat crime, crim­i­nals or the ju­di­cial sys­tem! The stu­dents were warned of the con­tents of the case, I’m sure they learnt a valu­able les­son! Jus­tice is not al­ways served! Max from Kir­wan.

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