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WHAT’S the deal with the five-sec­ond floor rule?

Does tur­key re­ally make you sleep?

Is dou­ble-dip­ping re­ally un­san­i­tary?

T u n e i n f o r a l l t h e s e an­swers and plenty more in the new TV se­ries, Food De­tec­tives, just started on the D i s c o v e r y C h a n n e l o n AUS­TAR.

Science meets food as Ted Allen, for­merly of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and his band of culi­nary sleuths con­duct ex­per­i­ments to find the truth be­hind all of your burn­ing food co­nun­drums.

The 23 episodes cover just about ev­ery­thing you can think of when it comes to puz­zling food ques­tions – the first few episodes cov­ered top­ics such as ‘‘ Can I re­ally eat some­thing off the floor if I pick it up in less than 5 sec­onds? How do I stop my mouth from burn­ing af­ter I’ve eaten spicy food?’’ and ‘‘ Is the bak­ing soda in my fridge do­ing any­thing?’’

Ted and his t eam dis­cov­ered t he t r uth about dou­ble dip­ping, and took a dizzy­ing joyride to find out if an old wives’ tale had any truth: could gin­ger re­ally

Ted Allen in the new show Food De­tec­tives help with mo­tion sick­ness?

Then they found out the most ef­fec­tive tech­nique to quell tears while chop­ping onions.

Ted Allen and his Food Techs have a real headache of an ex­per­i­ment on their hands as they in­ves­ti­gate how to pre­vent brain freeze.

This week’s episode fea­tures Ted and the Food Techs find­ing out if swal­lowed gum stays in your stom­ach for seven years; do we smell like what we eat; and the true clean­li­ness of the com­pli­men­tary af­ter-din­ner mints found in many restau­rants.

And fas­ci­nat­ing up­com­ing is­sues cover such di­verse top­ics as the best way to get gum out of your hair; the truth be­hind whether or not eat­ing a poppy seed bagel will ac­tu­ally cause some­one to test pos­i­tive for opi­ates; reme­dies for hang­overs; can cola dis­solve a penny or even a tooth; the best home reme d y f o r h e a r t b u r n ; a n d de­ter­min­ing if meats like al­li­ga­tor and guinea pig truly do ‘ taste like chicken’. • screens at 8.30pm ev­ery Thurs­day on the Dis­cov­ery Chan­nel.

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