Alzheimer’s link to mum

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BE­SIDES age, the big­gest risk fac­tor for de­vel­op­ing Alzheimer’s disease is hav­ing a par­ent or other first­de­gree rel­a­tive with the con­di­tion.

A new study adds to grow­ing ev­i­dence that in­her­it­ing it from your mother is much worse than from your fa­ther.

Re­searchers at the Univer­sity of Kansas School of Medicine re­cruited 21 adult chil­dren of Alzheimer’s pa­tients who were still‘‘ cog­ni­tively in­tact’’. They ex­am­ined their brains us­ing an MRI scan­ner then com­pared the scans with those of 32 healthy adults in the same age group with no fam­ily his­tory of Alzheimer’s.

None of the sub­jects ex­hib­ited out­ward signs of de­men­tia, but the scans re­vealed the 11 peo­ple whose moth­ers had Alzheimer’s had lost sig­nif­i­cantly more grey mat­ter.

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