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Maybe Libya and we take should to the fol­low streets Egypt to and rid our­selves BH4817. of this ridicu­lous La­bor govt. Hey D Bil­ton. I think there was a PM who said there would be no GST. I think he was a Lib­eral. They all lie don’t they? AJS Deer­a­gun So La­bor govt gives Holden $ 150M to make a diesel car that still pol­lutes – good move. BH4817. Why doesn’t Mal­colm Turn­bull join the ‘‘ La­bor Party’’ and be done With It!! He’s crossed the floor once, so he may as well stay there!! Fl 4807. Peo­ple whinge­ing that car­bon tax will in­crease cost of fuel & elec­tric­ity: duh, that’s the whole idea. Make us use less or switch to re­new­ables. Steve 4811 Re car­bon price scam: Why should the Govt im­pose a price on some­thing if it has no value? Why does the Govt need to im­pose a price on any­thing that has value? Eric. West End Putting a tax on car­bon will not make com­pa­nies use less. It will just make them charge the pub­lic more. M. Thomas. Clon­curry. Ju­lia, We man­u­fac­ture pack­age and sup­ply prod­ucts out of North Queens­land . . . 100% Aus­tralian . . . When u bring in the ETS or car­bon tax . . . We will get the prod­uct man­u­fac­tured over­seas . . . We will have no choice :) go for it Tony Ab­bott . . . The tax will not drop the car­bon emis­sions one bit: if it did maybe we would all sup­port. It doesn’t! An­nan­dale.. Oust Ju­lia Gil­lard. viva revo­lu­tion. Luke Her­mit Park Bill Shorten sorry mate . . . u Ju­lia and ur mates are an ab­so­lute joke. An­nan­dale . . . Ab­so­lute joke Has any 1 no­ticed how long Pinoc­chio Gil­lard’s nose has grown lately? Martha, Hugh­en­den.

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