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Saw the fun­ni­est thing this morn­ing, round­about @ Dal­rym­ple and Bam­ford Lane, stopped to let this guy through, the tool thought he’d be a hero and slide around it, b/ c the road was wet . . . he slid . . . out of con­trol, fish­tailed it hit the gut­ter and on to the grass. couldn’t do noth­ing for him but drive away LMAO :-D . . . DT 4817 I may not b very smart but when I see a un­bro­ken line on the left of a road and a pic­ture of a bike with an arrow it would tell me that I should be rid­ing my bike on that side of the white line not in a traf­fic lane Poppa 2 Kelso 4815 J from Vin­cent, you need to learn how to drive like a Tsv driver. If turn­ing right get in the right lane 5km be­fore the turn. Un­der no cir­cum­stances keep left un­less over­tak­ing. Bert 4814 Re J Vin­cent. Why are Townsville driv­ers the worst? Cause most of them are exVic­to­ri­ans! G. Rogers 4817 That heart­less per­son in the red Mazda 6 speed­ing through Nth Shore this morn­ing, hope u r proud of your­self, plough­ing down a fam­ily of ducks my chil­dren and many other hor­ri­fied peo­ple saw it. What a beau­ti­ful way to start your day – in tears. JL Hope there’s bet­ter jus­tice served for the poor shet­land pony that was cru­elly dragged be­hind the car at Mur­phys Creek. Hope they don’t get let of easy as peo­ple who com­mit crime in Townsville. Sc 4850

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