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FRESH from a stum­ble at the Gram­mys and muff­ing the na­tional an­them at the Su­per Bowl, singer Christina Aguil­era,

pic­tured, was ar­rested early on Tues­day on sus­pi­cion of be­ing drunk in pub­lic but will not be pros­e­cuted, US authorities said.

Aguil­era, 30, was ‘‘ ex­tremely in­tox­i­cated’’ when a car driven by her boyfriend was stopped about 2.45am in Los An­ge­les, County sher­iff’s Deputy Bill McSweeney said.

The driver, Matthew Rut­ler, 25, was ar­rested on sus­pi­cion of driv­ing un­der the in­flu­ence and jailed on $ 5000 bail, sher­iff’s spokesman Steve Whit­more said.

Aguil­era was ar­rested on sus­pi­cion of be­ing drunk in pub­lic so that she could be held at the West Hol­ly­wood sher­iff’s sta­tion, Whit­more said.

‘‘ She was co-op­er­a­tive. She was not bel­liger­ent in any way what­so­ever,’’ Mr Whit­more said.

He did not know how much Aguil­era may have been drink­ing.

‘‘ She was booked, she was fin­ger­printed and she was put in a cell,’’ he said. ‘‘ And then she’s mon­i­tored, and as she gets bet­ter, she be­gins to fend for her­self, her head clears up and when she passes the so­bri­ety test within the jail fa­cil­ity . . . that’s why we take them into cus­tody, to pro­tect them as well as oth­ers.’’

Mr Whit­more said that as Aguil­era got bet­ter she stated that she wanted to leave.

‘‘ When she was able to nav­i­gate and think on her own . . . she was re­leased,’’ he said.

Aguil­era was re­leased from the back of the sta­tion about 7.30am, avoid­ing a clus­ter of pa­parazzi.

A friend drove her home, Whit­more said.

Aguil­era was ar­rested be­cause she ap­peared too drunk to care for her­self and had no driver to take her home, Deputy McSweeney said.

The law al­lows deputies to de­tain in­tox­i­cated peo­ple for their own wel­fare un­til they sober up but there is no in­ten­tion to pros­e­cute them, he said.

‘‘ Tech­ni­cally it’s an ar­rest, but from the very be­gin­ning there was never an in­ten­tion to pros­e­cute,’’ Mr Whit­more said.

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