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Shet­land ponies have the gen­tlest na­ture of any, in the world of horses, so it beg­gars be­lief how 2 very sick scum­bags could drag this gen­tle crea­ture be­hind a ve­hi­cle, on Xmas day, of all days, just what kind of sick men­tal­ity do these an­i­mals pos­sess? We would all like to say, put these bas­tards away for a long time, where they couldn’t hurt an­i­mals again, but we all know that will never hap­pen, all they’ll get, is the usual slap on the wrist. D. Bil­ton W. E Dee, Cjng. Sorry if my head­lights were on high. At least my lights were on. Driv­ers with no lights are my big worry. VWE To the black Mercedes driver who con­tin­u­ally dou­ble parks and blocks the traf­fic at cen­tral school, do the right thing like the rest of the par­ents and find a park­ing bay. U r not spe­cial. I hope karma or the po­lice catch up with u. T Fer­gu­son Cas­tle Hill 4810 Amanda J, re sound of Har­leys I’m with u, the purr of a HD cer­tainly beats the rap crap we hear in cars, ( b4 we c them) these days. Har­leys 4eva. Bev 4814 ( Noisy Har­leys) Most own­ers mod­ify the ex­haust af­ter pur­chase . . . What’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween a Hoover vac­uum cleaner & a Har­ley David­son? AS. 4814. De­par­tures: Brake lights. I can’t get over how many idiots don’t have them. Or don’t re­alise they’ve got blown ones. Bulbs r cheap folks. Stupid, lazy n bloody dan­ger­ous. All bulbs are cheap in­clud­ing in­di­ca­tors n head­lights, ffs change em b4 u cause a death. AT Kir­wan. Are there any hon­est me­chan­ics in Townsville at all who don’t rip peo­ple off? 3rd time un­lucky mr an­gry Mount Louisa Re hy­po­thet­i­cal road rules. They are just try­ing to get out of pay­ing. Get legal ad­vice, they will tell you the same. Alan West End Help! Last Thurs af­ter­noon my 70 yr old mate’s car was dam­aged in the Blue Per­mit Park of the TGH. Can any­one who saw this con­tact me. Bill Ed­wards

Where’s good old ‘‘ Pot­hole Olive’’ now

when we need her? LD 4812 Jeep­ers can we please get those pot­holes at the top of Mount Low Park­way fixed. I am bloody sick of it we pay hefty rates out here and get sweet stuff all for it. Pot­holes been there for weeks how many times do we have to re­port them. Cr Blom do some­thing! No dodgy patch up crap. Do it prop­erly coun­cil. Sick of Mount Low Patch­way. JJ 4810 I have just driven down Charles St be­tween Nathan St and Lin­de­man Ave and you just about need a 4WD to han­dle the pot­holes. I was over in Mund­ing­burra the other day and nearly lost a wheel from a big pot­hole. What is this coun­cil do­ing for our rates? They are a bloody joke but hey we only have one more year to put up with them and then see ya later Les, Crisa­fulli, Last, Veitch, Marr and the rest of you rob­bers. Dm Her­mit Park.

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