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Townsville Bulletin - - Savvy - by Kel­lie Smith-Lester

Gosh that Anna Bligh is a multi-tasker. I’ll go so far to say she’s a woman for all sea­sons. Or maybe a woman for all dis­as­ters. Yep, that’s prob­a­bly more ac­cu­rate. Let’s just sit back and take a look at what she’s achieved in the past two months. She’s turned around ap­palling opin­ion polls on the back of two nat­u­ral dis­as­ters. From zero to hero in less time than you can say ‘‘ as­sets sell-off’’. She’s forged her­self a po­ten­tial ca­reer as a news­reader, demon­strat­ing an out­stand­ing abil­ity to de­liver dire warn­ings on in­for­ma­tion pro­vided and col­lated by some­one else. She’s culled dead wood from her cabi­net, given her­self a brand new port­fo­lio as the min­is­ter for clean­ing up and now, smack in the mid­dle of all that, has added cov­er­girl to her re­sume.

I’m not con­vinced that she’s done the right thing with the cov­er­girl thing though. You would think she’d learned her les­son from the whole Masterchef de­ba­cle. That was very em­bar­rass­ing be­cause a) she lost and b) she lost. I hope that who­ever ad­vised her that that was a smart PR choice got flicked faster than an aged cabi­net min­is­ter. So by hav­ing her dial plastered all over the front of the

Women’s Weekly, Anna Bligh has opened the way to a whole new wave of crit­i­cism. Let’s look at her mo­tive for the photo shoot. She says it was to keep the Queens­land dis­as­ters in the pub­lic eye. That’s a no­ble sen­ti­ment un­til you re­alise that she doesn’t ac­tu­ally talk about the floods and the pro­moted disas­ter is only for Queens­land read­ers. Newsflash, no one in Queens­land needs a re­minder. Many of us can look out our win­dow and see for our­selves. For­give me for be­ing cyn­i­cal but the photo shoot wouldn’t be any­thing to do with a po­ten­tial elec­tion in our ‘‘ year of re­build­ing’’ would it Premier Bligh?

She also goes on to wear a range of dif­fer­ent, very fash­ion­able out­fits. Re­ally? Is this how we want to leader of our state to be rep­re­sented? Aren’t anorexic 14 year olds em­ployed to model clothes? One would surely think that an elected leader would some­how be above this. I don’t re­call ever see­ing Bri­tish PM Mar­garet Thatcher do­ing a fash­ion shoot for any mag­a­zine. Though to be fair, our PM Ju­lia Gil­lard did the same thing, so the bar has been set low. At least Ju­lia and Anna avoided the feather boa. Re­mem­ber when politi­cian Ch­eryl Ker­not posed for the Weekly with an ill-con­sid­ered red feather boa that made her look like an ex­tra from Best Lil’ Whore­house in the West? Killed her ca­reer. Stone. Dead.

As a con­se­quence of all that fluff­ing around in ill-ad­vised flouncy skirts with util­i­tar­ian jack­ets, Anna has left the door open for us all to le­git­i­mately dis­cuss her choice of cloth­ing. So Anna, let’s start by dis­cussing those skirt suits you wear. Did you re­ally go to a Viet­namese tai­lor, pick one pat­tern and or­der one in ev­ery co­ral shade? For that’s how it looks. Col­lar­less jack­ets, slightly straight A-line skirts. It must make dress­ing in the morn­ing a breeze – for Anna does love to work a theme. Bris­bane day, skirt suit; disas­ter in­spec­tion, but­ton down shirt and akubra; disas­ter an­nounce­ment or foot­ball pre­sen­ta­tion, dark wash jeans.

But that’s enough dis­cus­sion of her cloth­ing choices. I re­ally, re­ally wish you hadn’t opened that door for me Premier Bligh. For it goes against ev­ery­thing I be­lieve as a fuzzy-round-the-edges fem­i­nist. I re­ally would like to treat you like a male politi­cian. Can any­one re­mem­ber a re­mark­able out­fit worn by Kevin Rudd? Ac­tu­ally he’s a bad ex­am­ple due to the hair dryer in­ci­dent in the Mid­dle East. I’ll try again. Does any­one re­mem­ber a re­mark­able out­fit worn by for­mer PM John Howard? I’d say no, be­cause he dressed con­ser­va­tively, un­re­mark­ably in fact and never, never once poonced around in a cra­vat for GQ mag­a­zine. It would have been undig­ni­fied.

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