Delu­sional de­ci­sion

Townsville Bulletin - - Voice Of The North - Opin­ion J. R. Green­wood, Kir­wan

SEEMS La­bor’s er­satz PM has again demon­strated her du­plic­ity. The Car­bon Tax she plans to im­ple­ment ( yes, the one she claimed would never be in­tro­duced by a Gov­ern­ment she led) is es­sen­tially the same as the one she per­suaded Rudd to aban­don lead­ing to his knif­ing by Gil­lard.

In the face of this lie en­ter Bruce Hawker of pro-La­bor Hawker Brit­ton, a ma­nip­u­la­tor of po­lit­i­cal spin. We now see the uni­corn of sup­posed death threats against the so called In­de­pen­dents and Greens be­ing touted as some coali­tion ex­cur­sion to the dark side.

In the one pub­li­cised ex­am­ple it seems some voter, an­gry at the fla­grant dis­re­gard of Wind­sors con­stituents wishes, chose to colour­fully give him a few home truths, views un­doubt­edly shared by most who elected him to rep­re­sent them, not his own con­vo­luted hangups and pen­sion. Next we have the in­flated out­rage over the com­ment that Gil­lard is delu­sional in the man­ner of Ghadaffi. Is Ghadaffi delu­sional? Yes. Is he a homi­cidial ma­niac? Yes. Is he at­tempt­ing to hold power at the cost of lives of his own peo­ple? Yes. Is Gil­lard delu­sional? Yes. Is she a homi­ci­dal ma­niac? No. Is she try­ing to main­tain power by con­ced­ing to the Greens and In­de­pen­dents at the ex­pense of the Aus­tralian Pub­lic? Yes.

Of the three cri­te­ria one only was stated. Her con­tention that her re­vived tax is in Aust ralia’s i nter­est i s clearly delu­sional. If she be­lieves that her sham­bles of a Gov­ern­ment gives sta­bil­ity to Aus­tralia she i s cl early delu­sional. Her whole Gov­ern­ment is delu­sional, not one of them have any per­sonal in­tegrity.

That Swan and other La­bor lu­mi­nar­ies ( in their own mind) choose to ex­trap­o­late be­yond the mean­ing in­tended shows a lack of com­pre­hen­sion and a large de­gree of trep­i­da­tion as to their con­tin­ued ac­cess to the Gov­ern­ment benches and the pub­lic trough.

These dis­trac­tions are de- signed to di­vert at­ten­tion from Gil­lard’s lies and ineptitude. Should I re­fer to some of the reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tors as delu­sional I do not in­fer other than the mean­ing as given in any dic­tio­nary. No doubt these usual sus­pects would read­ily re­turn the com­pli­ment! Why the me­dia up­roar?

That Gil­lard puts her­self above the will of the peo­ple and will give un­prece­dented power to Brown and his so­cial­ist de­viant ad­her­ents is truly rep­re­hen­si­ble.

La­bor and a com­pli­ant main stream me­dia treat the gen­eral pop­u­lace as fools and re­gret­tably too of­ten they are right. If the phoney in­de­pen­dents and La­bor MPs had a true re­gard for the fu­ture of this coun­try they would cross the floor and de­mand a new elec­tion.

The Brown/ Gil­lard al­liance is a trav­esty of democ­racy and should be elim­i­nated – in fact it should never have come into ex­is­tence.

In truth Wind­sor and Oakeshott have formed the nu­cleus of the In­de­pen­dent Labour Party es­poused by our con­trib­u­tor Shaun, they are truly an in­de­pen­dently La­bor, La­bor Party. I de­mand a new elec­tion.

NEW ELEC­TION: The Brown and Gil­lard al­liance is a trav­esty of democ­racy

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