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Well said Colin! Hope­fully all the one eyed AFL and NRL sup­port­ers read ur post. Al­though it prob still won’t get through to their nar­row minds. Roon Kir­wan. Gilly u have no idea what you’re on about the river never won with Wilkie in charge get your facts right u have no idea. sr river I re­ally hope the Cow­boys have ad­dressed their Right Side turn­stile De­fence this year . . . I re­ally could NOT go thru that again & will the Coach please, not per­sist with weak de­fend­ers like the in­san­ity of last year please . . . Chubby Sugar Mtn Haha Gilly if u know any­thing about footy u should know it takes more than 1 player to make a team. River don’t have many stars but play well to­gether i think ur a fish sup­porter so a com­ment like that doesnt sur­prise me! Steve 4815 Bring back Graham Mur­ray – shouldn’t have sacked him in the 1st place ! Cow­boy 4818 Well said Steve I agree and pretty soon clubs like Brothers will out­price all other clubs and then who do they play? TDRL plays fair and that way the smaller clubs can stay in the run­ning. Tg 4810 Hey! What’s the go?? Fury had no money n couldn’t win a game – Cow­boys can’t win a game ei­ther but must have lots of money to keep pay­ing use­less play­ers!! Me too bet­tin on the Cow­boys get­tin the wooden spoon! Snc, Pim­lico, 4812. Crocs r sitting sec­ond on the lad­der n still strug­gle to get de­cent cov­er­age. In 3 days this week there have been 17 sto­ries on NRL, 7 on the A-League and only 6 on the NBL! More Crocs!!! BK 4817 To all u Fury haters you are all mind­less fools who love to watch meat-heads cud­dle, drink Pow­ers and smoke Win­nie Reds! S Dana­her An­nan­dale – the good part. Does any­one else see the irony of Cow­boys hav­ing a standup co­me­dian ( Ja­son Sch­wab) as their me­dia man­ager? What’s next? Neil Henry re­placed by Ji­moen . . . Ahn Dho as the new Cap­tain? Jerry Se­in­feld as CEO? I know the club has been a joke some­times but please! Stop it you’re killing me! Cris Wil­lows Bronco Gar­butt, NRL 84, Myles Kir­wan, you are all red­necks and Jem Dou­glas u bag the Fury out but still want to buy the cheap mer­chan­dise! Loser! Forza fury GOOD LUCK . . . to all the Tsv vig­oro girls who will be rep­re­sent­ing Qld in the Na­tional Ti­tles in Syd­ney next week. Proud Aussie/ Qlder 4814

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