Five rea­sons you over­heat

Townsville Bulletin - - NQ Life -

1. Metabolic rate - The harder a per­son is ex­er­cis­ing, the more ther­mal heat the body will pro­duce. 2. Con­duc­tion - Heat rises from the hot pave­ment and is trans­mit­ted to the body. Darker sur­faces draw more heat from the sun. 3. Con­vec­tion - A hot wind, un­like a cool breeze, ac­tu­ally can add heat and in­crease a per­son’s body tem­per­a­ture. 4. Ra­di­a­tion - Sun­light is more in­tense in the sum­mer and early au­tumn, and its ra­di­a­tion also raises body tem­per­a­ture. 5. Evap­o­ra­tion ( or lack thereof) - High hu­mid­ity this time of year makes evap­o­ra­tion less efficient, so sweat drips off the body in­stead of evap­o­rat­ing and cool­ing it.

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