Dose of re­al­ity what’s needed

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IT is about time all par­lia­ment a r i a n s t o o k a c o l d shower and re­stored a dose of re­al­ity to the in­ter­minable de­bates on ‘‘ car­bon’’ taxes a n d e m i s s i o n s t r a d i n g schemes. Do they know what they are ar­gu­ing about?

If you rep­re­sent the com­po­si­tion of earth’s at­mos­phere by a one me­tre rule di­vided into one thou­sand mil­lime­tres, the present at­mo­spheric car­bon diox­ide con­tent ( about 400 parts per mil­lion) oc­cu­pies 0.4 of one mill i m e t r e . A s s u m i n g t h e in­crease in at­mo­spheric car­bon diox­ide con­cen­tra­tion over the last cen­tury ( about 120ppm) is en­tirely due to hu­man-caused emis­sions, on the one me­tre rule this would be rep­re­sented by 0.12 mil­lime­tres. Aus­tralia’s con­tri­bu­tion is about 1.4 per cent of this. ROBIN EVANS,


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