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MO3. What’s the beef with peo­ple us­ing good man­ners? So what if ‘‘ Ma’am’’ is an Amer­i­can term? It’s cour­te­ous and re­spect­ful. And why can’t you just say ‘‘ No onion thanks’’. How are your man­ners? Jaz. 4814 M03 ayr 4 march. i wudnt call u a ma’am, wud u pre­fer i call u a whing­ing b# tch in­stead. we just do­ing our job be­ing po­lite n pro­fes­sional. re­tailer worker 4814 Granny has a co-driver for the Fer­rari. Just need a nav­i­ga­tor now. RD 4810 Ste­vie lee – Gee wish my teacher looked like that. Brains and beauty. It’s great to see a stun­ning healthy nat­u­ral look­ing model. Just gor­geous. Are you sin­gle by any chance? Grant north ward Just Ice, Tsv. Have u ever heard the ex­pres­sion ‘ Bet­ter to re­main silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it?’ The na­tional ser­vice vet­er­ans are not an unim­por­tant mi­nor­ity. They went to Viet­nam not by their choice, but by a de­ci­sion of the gov­ern­ment of the day. They were den­i­grated and spat on and called baby killers for do­ing what their coun­try asked of them. It’s about time peo­ple stood up and sup­ported them. If you want to look at it from a purely eco­nomic view­point, their re­union will be very good for busi­nesses in Townsville. June Oi ... Snc from pim­lico. Whats wrong with win­nie reds. DAZZA. 4814 Im a male who has only just re­cently had the courage to ‘ come out’ about my sex­u­al­ity, some­thing ive al­ways wanted to do but never had the courage. Now my ‘ friends’ wont talk to me and i feel im be­ing treated un­fairly by ev­ery­one around me. Is there any­where i can go for sup­port? Squeek, kir­wan Why s t f we call some­thing black we are classed as be­ing racist but they can have an Abo­rig­i­nal show on the sbs tv called Liv­ing Black. Bit of dou­ble stan­dards there i reckon. Percy. Proser­pine If it was not for the amount of ‘‘ f’’ and ‘‘ c’’ words that many peo­ple use in their speech these days their tongues would be­come ex­tinct! Guru Barry. Windy Hill. Mount Stu­art. Wul­guru Where do u find a de­cent women that won’t con­tin­u­ally lie to u tried for 6yrs and all I got was crap would love to find a hon­est women lonely 33yr old clu­den Re john j mt louisa: u r talk n bout mar­riage from just look n at a woman just cause she is in a bikini u r in for a life time of heart break my dear she does look good but I wil let u in on some­thing the big­ger the boobs the smaller the brain the wider the waste the big­ger the wage tennille kir­wan There are 15 po­lice cars parked in the city with­out any tick­ets to pay for park­ing. Is there rules for po­lice and dif­fer­ent rules for us Joe city

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