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To all those whing­ing about pot­holes, did u take ur Yasi de­bris to the dump ur­self or wait for the pot­hole crew to come and col­lect it. Can’t do the en­tire city in one day, they can only do their best with what they have. Have u re­ported the pot­holes or ex­pect the coun­cil to have esp? Re­ported mine, fixed in a week. LF. Vin­cent When it comes to coun­cil and pot­holes i would use the term ‘‘ fix’’ loosely. All they do is chuck some crap in the hole and whack it with the back of a shovel – lit­er­ally. At least they have job se­cu­rity be­cause all they do is dodgy patch up af­ter dodgy patch up goin around in cir­cles wast­ing our money in­stead of fix­ing it once prop­erly. Shane One has to ques­tion coun­cil’s pri­or­i­ties: y r coun­cil work­ers mak­ing new gar­dens on up­per River­way Drive + hold­ing up traf­fic while the ex­ist­ing gar­dens r over­grown + in need of re­pair? E. Kelso What hap­pened to the Lib­er­als Jenny Stir­ling – they have been neu­tralised by Id­iot greens who threw their lot in with so­cial­ist la­bor in­com­pe­tents! PoP BushyBch Why should the govt fund pri­vate schools when par­ents have to con­tin­u­ally subsidise state schools. BH4817 KM B, Beach. Don’t stop there about liars. What about Team Tyrell, high rates, high wa­ter charges and no ser­vice. The debt is the big­gest this city has ever seen and the deputy mayor is LNP. Yes a po­lit­i­cal hack. KW wul­guru Labour says it can’t re­duce num­ber of il­le­gal im­mi­grants be­cause it is the re­sult of global hu­man ac­tiv­ity but it can reg­u­late cli­mate change be­cause it is a re­sult of global hu­man ac­tiv­ity. Talk about both hav­ing your cake & eat­ing it. Eric. West End I voted la­bor and I hold my head high! Shirl 4814 How about queens­land self in­sures against disas­ter? ie Keep a bit of money in the bank for a rainy day. The con­cept may be too rad­i­cal for la­bor to ac­cept. Geoff. Wul­guru Ian Bragg re car­bon tax: I hope you read the text mes­sage sec­tion as ive been ask­ing this ques­tion for months and cant get an an­swer from any­one who be­lieves that global warm­ing is caused by man. What is the % of car­bon hu­mans put into the at­mos­phere from fos­sil fu­els? Not from live­stock not from clear­ing the trees in the Ama­zon but from us­ing fuel and coal. The % not tons of world wide emis­sion from fuel and coal etc? Then what % will the car­bon tax re­duce it? Cli­mate change scep­tic through lack of true and ac­cu­rate in­for­ma­tion 4811 Re debra gib­son letter that craig wal­lace re­futes. i re­ally hope you can back up your state­ments. would be good to know craig wal­lace was pub­licly proven wrong. i do agree anna bligh has lead by ex­am­ple but craig wal­lace isnt in her league. pleased to see bul­letin print a letter that our il­lus­tri­ous min­is­ter may not han­dle

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