So much for the smart coun­try

Townsville Bulletin - - Voice Of The North -

EARTH­QUAKES, floods, cy­clones: in the words of Tony Ab­bott ‘‘----’’ hap­pens, burn­ing fos­sil fu­els pol­lut­ing the en­vi­ron­ment ‘‘----’’ hap­pens, the fu­ture gen­er­a­tion look­ing back at what never got fixed ‘‘-- - -’’ did hap­pen and our an­ces­tors did noth­ing. They cared only about them­selves and their greed.

I find it quite in­cred­i­ble that Swe­den in­tro­duced a car­bon tax in 1991 which seems to work well for 9.5 mil­lion peo­ple. Bri­tish Colom­bia car­bon tax rev­enue neu­tral works quite well.

As for Aus­tralia be­ing the smart coun­try one has to dif­fer with that. A coun­try solely de­pen­dent on min­ing as its main source of rev­enue is des­tined to crash.

As for a politi­cian telling lies and Gil­lard is the only one guilty that is just so laugh­able, you must suf­fer from am­ne­sia, ‘‘ there will be no GST’’ can you re­mem­ber that?

But the troglodytes of the Lib­eral Part­yare too ig­no­rant to check these work­ing car­bon tax schemes out.

Make the big lie, keep re­peat­ing it and all will be­lieve it. IAN BRAGG,


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