Pool­ing his musings

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It ap­pals me to see how many kids are drown­ing in back­yard pools these days, when this kind of tragedy need never hap­pen. When I was a tod­dler, I was dead-scared of wa­ter, or more pre­cisely, the sea, un­til, with the help of a small beach ball, I started to float. I too was un­su­per­vised, but I had enough sense to know that if my head was un­der­wa­ter long enough, I would drown, so I took steps to rec­tify this, and when I was ready, I went to the next level, and so on. It was a proud day for me, when I won my ju­nior swim­ming cer­tifi­cate, you see, I drowned-proofed my­self, and did it all on my own. D. Bil­ton w. e

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