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Ms Gil­lard is acting more like a greedy monarch wal­low­ing in debt pur­su­ing pipe-dreams than a pru­dent Prime Min­is­ter of a rep­re­sen­ta­tive Govt. Eric. West End The clever gov­ern­ment is spend­ing over three mil­lion to tell amer­i­cans what aus­tralia did in a war that most peo­ple would rather for­get and take the money from the bee prob­lem tell me what is more im­por­tant for aus­tralia m c Jack Proser­pine re la­bor: Jack did you vote la­bor all your life be­cause you hon­estly thought they were do­ing a great job or be­cause you thought as a worker its just what you have to do? ( i’m only guess­ing that your a worker) I voted la­bor when I was young but they kept send­ing the coun­try broke then I re­alised that they don’t seem to be able to man­age an econ­omy. N4811 What’s the go Cen­tre­link? With the emer­gency Yasi funds 4 ex­pat Ki­wis! 1500 i heard! That’s a lot of money gain­ing in­ter­est some­where! Some hav been paid but no one knows Y or by who? Was go­ing 2 take 2 weeks 4 weeks ago! We are ap­par­ently wait­ing on Can­berra 2 ok it? Who is try­ing 2 get it from NZ! Didn’t Gil­lard just give them money 2 help them out? But she won’t help the ones that are here? Go fig­ure!! Sounds like a load of BS by some­one!! Mark 4814 Ab­bie we. Has a se­lec­tive mem­ory. Howard ran a de­cep­tive cam­paign. At no stage did he men­tion GST dur­ing his cam­paign. He mis­led the vot­ing pub­lic, say­ing that he would im­ple­ment tax re­form im­ply­ing that we would re­ceive tax cuts. The Lib­eral gov­ern­ment was elected and in­tro­duced GST af­ter the elec­tion and col­lected a fur­ther 30 bil­lion dol­lars a year. A Big Fat tax. Yes Tony Ab­bott was part of that gov­ern­ment and he was part of the never ever have a GST. A big fat lie. KW Wul­guru To jack at proser­pine re­mem­ber this the worst la­bor gov­ern­ment will al­ways be bet­ter than the best lib­eral gov­ern­ment wal kelso

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