Bash­ing Bil­ton

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May D Bil­ton’s beach ball be damned straight to hell. Brownie. H Park. D. Bil­ton. U say u ‘‘ drown proofed your­self’’ u ad­mit that u were un­su­per­vised and that’s where the prob­lem is kids not be­ing su­per­vised, don’t ex­pect a tod­dler to ‘‘ have enough sense’’ that’s why tod­dlers stick things up their nose and get their fin­gers caught in things. An­gela North Ward Dear Mr. Bil­ton I doubt whether you as a tod­dler, or any other per­son at that age, is ca­pa­ble of for­mu­lat­ing the thought that if their head is un­der­wa­ter long enough they will drown. That is why there is such a high in­ci­dence of drown­ing in this age group. It is easy to el­e­vate your men­tal ca­pac­ity be­yond what it re­ally is. June Won­der if d bil­ton w e and ron kelso are re­lated they both write so much c** p john avale Yes d bil­ton u can do any­thing maybe u were god in your pre­vi­ous life let us all hope the bully can drown ur drib­blings down the toi­let tom 4810

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