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Townsville Bulletin - - Voice Of The North - Mary Ver­non mary. ver­non@ townsville­bul­letin. com. au ‘‘ Since the rain started, all the wife has done is look through the win­dow. If it gets any worse, I’ll have to let her in.’’

Bus may­hem

THE de­ba­cle which is the bus ser­vice to the city just gets worse and worse. The driv­ers say they weren’t con­sulted about it and it’s un­work­able. Pas­sen­gers have no clue where they are sup­posed to be and the new stops aren’t prop­erly marked mean­ing that peo­ple are wait­ing at the set down stop, only to be told by the driver set­ting down that they must go to an­other stop, that he or she can’t pick them up even though it’s the bus they want be­cause they have to walk a block down the street. To cap it all off, one bus driver was threat­ened with a park­ing ticket when she was try­ing to pull in to the bus stop in front of the po­lice sta­tion. To take the buses out of an in­ter­change and spread them around the city is a se­ri­ously back­ward step. We should be en­cour­ag­ing peo­ple to use pub­lic trans­port more of­ten, not mak­ing it as dif­fi­cult as pos­si­ble so that they have to go back to driv­ing to get to their des­ti­na­tion.

Good plan­ning

GREAT to see the coun­cil’s plan­ning com­mit­tee has in­sisted that any de­vel­op­ment on Rad­i­cal Bay, Mag­netic Is­land must al­low for ac­cess to the beach by the pub­lic. As a reg­u­lar visi­tor to this very spe­cial beach I think it would be a great loss if it were to be locked away for the pri­vate use of a few very rich peo­ple. Ob­vi­ously the own­ers should be able to de­velop it, it is free­hold land af­ter all, but not at the ex­pense of the gen­eral pub­lic – beaches are for ev­ery­one to visit and en­joy, not just the rich.

New build­ing

HEAR the State Gov­ern­ment is check­ing the fea­si­bil­ity of build­ing a sec­ond build­ing in the CBD. Word is that they would rather rent but there just isn’t any of­fice space avail­able which meets their stan­dards and re­quire­ments so they’re go­ing to have to build it them­selves.

The big wet

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