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Spot on mm Heat­ley. So many times I’ve been kicked out of the Mad Cow for do­ing noth­ing! Sick of these power trip heroes we call bounc­ers. sc 4815 I never have a prob­lem with the guys at Flynns. They are good po­lite guys. Sim­ply avoid the Mad Cow. They won’t let me in there ei­ther. It’s the prob­lem, not us. S. North ward MM Heat­ley – Bounc­ers are there for your safety and might oc­ca­sion­ally make a bad judge­ment but I bet you’d be the first to com­plain if they weren’t em­ployed to help in a bad sit­u­a­tion! Work a night in their shoes be­fore pass­ing judge­ment. And I’m not a bouncer. 4811 To Tim. Is that the rea­son u go out 2 pick up n use girls 4 u own plea­sure. Girls in Tsv are more in­tel­li­gent and know what Tsv guys r af­ter. Springer 4818 Tim - Lavarack Bar­racks. I think maybe the girls in Cairns are less ‘‘ stuck up" be­cause they are not forced to en­dure the pres­ence of a bunch of ‘‘ love your­self’’ losers ( like your­self ). You AJs think girls owe you some­thing. We don’t. If you weren’t such an a* se, girls might ac­tu­ally like you. Cindy, B’wa­ter

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