GST v car­bon tax

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To KW Wul­guru: It is you that has the se­lec­tive mem­ory. John Howard took the coun­try to an elec­tion in 1998 com­mit­ting to a new tax sys­tem. Ev­ery last de­tail of the GST, the re­moval of the whole­sale sales tax and sev­eral other taxes and per­sonal tax cuts were thor­oughly de­bated. Con­trast Howard’s prin­ci­pled po­si­tion with the cur­rent PM. Ju­lia went to the last elec­tion with a spe­cific prom­ise not to have a car­bon tax un­der the gov­ern­ment she would lead. She lied. Aus­tralia is now go­ing to have a mas­sive new tax be­cause the Greens agenda is run­ning Ms Gil­lard. Peter Lind­say 4814 KW Wul­guru – I to­tally agree. Lib vot­ers 4get that Howard gave us the GST. We will al­ways be pay­ing that. Now they whine about a car­bon tax. Nan 4817 Kw Wul­guru, Howard did run his cam­paign on the back of the GST! If you didn’t know it was com­ing you’re an id­iot! I don’t un­der­stand how La­bor ppl still say he snuck it in! Wow

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