iPads: cool or lame?

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Blake reck­ons. . .

Well 10 points if you can guess who picked this weeks topic – of course you got it right, Ck is no doubt the big­gest com­puter nerd go­ing around town, so when some­thing like the new ap­ple ipad is dropped, he will most cer­tainly have some­thing to say about it.

The Ap­ple iPad2 is the lat­est must-have toy by Steve Jobs, and why wouldn’t you get one? They are so cool! Even if you never use the bloody thing, I guar­an­tee that you will be the envy of all of your friends.

I’ll be hon­est with you, I don’t know much about the tech specifics of the Ipad – the speed or com­po­nents of it – so I am not even go­ing to try to sound tech savvy and ex­plain.

It is twice as fast as the old one and half the thick­ness of the iPhone 4 which is awe­some. I do know that this is a glo­ri­fied iPhone that is sig­nif­i­cantly larger and I am a big fan.

The ma­jor rea­son of why any­one would want one is to to­tally boost their cool points among friends, peers and es­pe­cially the ladies. And I’d give it to them, no longer do you have to worry about cop­ping a wedgie or hav­ing your lunch money taken from you by the high school jocks for be­ing a com­puter nerd. Be­cause Ap­ple have cre­ated a brand that is uber cool and to­tally sexy mak­ing the nerdi­est of nerds look like hand­some Ge­orge Clooney with an iPad in hand.

In a world where im­age is ev­ery­thing and sex sells, do your­self a favour, buy a iPad 2 and tell ev­ery­one – heck, wear it ’ round your neck like a rap­per wears bling, trust me you will be the coolest kid go­ing around town.

CK says. . .

Okay, I wont lie. I too got caught up in the hype of the dig­i­tal fruit-toast of the com­puter world – the Ipad. It promised the world, and fi­nally our dreams of hav­ing com­put­ers like in Mi­nor­ity Re­port, would come true.

Un­for­tu­nately, it didn’t, and I’m still typ­ing on a key­board, un­like Tom Cruise. The Ipad was the most over-hyped event of the dig­i­tal cen­tury!

Now be­fore you start hat­ing, I’ve owned ev­ery prod­uct they’ve slapped an ’ I’ in front of. I love Ap­ple. But when I use the Ipad, it feels like I’ve just been shot with that ray from Honey I Shrunk the Kids! It’s just a gi­ant iphone that you can’t even call your mum on. It doesn’t even have a USB port!? Want to watch those nice HD videos you down­loaded from iTunes on your TV? Too damned bad! No HDMI port!

Even the name ’ ipad’ how crap? Call it any­thing in the world, and you choose PAD? Why not use tab? Ok. Maybe not. FML Ap­ple. You’re so close.

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