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Two lo­cal sin­gles, one blind date-any­thing could hap­pen on the...

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Last week’s cou­ple, Ruby and Nic each took around half an hour to get ready. Both went for a ca­sual look Ruby wore a black blouse, skirt and flats, while Nic wore black skinny jeans and a hooded but­ton-up polo. Ruby’s first im­pres­sion of Nic was that he seemed re­ally nice, if a lit­tle shy, while Nic thought he couldn’t go wrong meet­ing some­one else with a sep­tum pierc­ing. The pair had easy con­ver­sa­tions over din­ner and found plenty of shared in­ter­ests. Ruby and Nic saw Wasted on

the Young at the movies, which con­fused both of them equally. Both said they wouldn’t mind catch­ing up again and have be­come friends on Face­book. Over­all, Ruby and Nic rated their com­pat­i­bil­ity:

What's your long­est re­la­tion­ship?

Amanda: 10 years Matthew: Six months

How long have you been sin­gle?

Amanda: Two years Matthew: Five years

Ded­cribe the worst date you've ever been on:

Amanda: I can’t re­ally say I’ve had a bad date, they’ve all been very easy-go­ing, din­ner and drinks and no pres­sure type dates.

Matthew: Let’s just say we parted ways on un­friendly terms af­ter a week­end to­gether.

Ded­cribe the best date you've ever been on:

Amanda: Nice din­ner out with a limo and a nice ho­tel af­ter.

Matthew: I re­ally like just go­ing out for din­ner. I took a friend to Ry­dges for din­ner for her birth­day and it was a re­ally ro­man­tic set­ting, so that’s prob­a­bly been the best ‘ date’ so far.

What are you ex­pect­ing from tonight?

Amanda: If noth­ing comes of it, hope­fully make a new friend.

Matthew: I can gen­er­ally talk to any­one, though in a one on one set­ting I’d ex­pect a lit­tle awk­ward­ness. Hope­fully I can make a new friend though if noth­ing else.

Why have you vol­un­teered for Savvy set-up?

Amanda: Be­cause there’s no de­cent men – lit­er­ally – in the city.

Matthew: Why not? I just read it and thought, why not have a go? I like to meet ran­dom peo­ple, and this is pretty ran­dom.

De­cribe your per­fect part­ner:

Amanda: Easy­go­ing, I guess. Some­one I can talk to.

Matthew: Some­one that is kind of sporty, into fit­ness and a healthy life­style that doesn’t mind the out­doors but also en­joys a movie, and I’d like to say some­one that en­joys cook­ing be­cause the way to my heart is def­i­nitely through my stom­ach!



7/ 10

Amanda, 28, beauty ther­a­pist

Matthew, 28,


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