>> you’re ba­si­cally sneak­ing around be­hind your girl­friend’s back <<

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the cake does not in­clude get­ting to shag your ex. If you feel guilty about some­thing or you feel the need to hide it, then it’s cheat­ing. Ac­tiv­i­ties with a fe­male friend You reg­u­larly go bik­ing with your fe­male work col­league be­cause you both share a love of the out­doors. You and your best fe­male friend some­times go to dance class to­gether. Your re­spec­tive part­ners do not join you on your ex­cur­sions. Are you cheat­ing? No. Friend­ships are an im­por­tant part of life and you can share dif­fer­ent kinds of close­ness with friends than you do with your part­ner. Who says your part­ner has to tag along with you ev­ery time you’re spend­ing time with an­other woman? That’s a dark ages men­tal­ity. Feel­ing at­tracted to some­one else Al­though you’re hap­pily at­tached, you can’t help but feel at­tracted to your col­league or friend. Maybe you ogle her ev­ery now and then when she wears that tight dress. Are you cheat­ing? No. Just be­cause you’ve ad­mired an­other woman’s looks or felt a bit of sex­ual at­trac­tion to her, you’re not a cheat for the sim­ple fact that you haven’t done any­thing more than have a look.

Are you cheat­ing? ask your con­science.

Nat­u­rally, ev­ery­one has dif­fer­ing def­i­ni­tions for cheat­ing. Your chick might have her own ideas about what is and isn’t cheat­ing, so it’s no won­der the is­sue can lead to some heated, awk­ward mo­ments.

A good guide is to gauge your own feel­ings: If you feel guilty about an ac­tiv­ity you par­took in or feel the urge to cover your tracks, then you’re head­ing into cheat­ing ter­ri­tory.

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