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Re Stock­watch why are some miss­ing the price, ie gold, sugar, tin. etc? Dan, Ayr To Jane of Townsville. You must be part of the 4 per­cent who does not mind pay­ing for wa­ter be­cause its cheaper for you. You don’t have to change your tar­iff if you don’t want. Stop your whin­ing. Aydn. To all u peo­ple bag­ging the Mad Cow have u ever thought it maybe u that is the prob­lem, re­mem­ber the staff and se­cu­rity are sober u r not there­fore they are watch­ing u all the time. If u have done some­thing wrong they will ask u to leave, don’t com­plain just com­ply and leave. They are there to help ev­ery1 in hav­ing a good time, but if u muck up then u go, so that ev­ery1 else has a good time. TJ. Townsville city. 4810 If Prince Wil­liam was not ac­tu­ally in North­ern Is­land, spell­ing stan­dards have plum­meted. B Heat­ley Cindy B’wa­ter – couldn’t have said it bet­ter my­self! Fed up, 4818 P. Lind­say 4814 John Howard’s ‘‘ prin­ci­pled po­si­tion’’. You have gone

over­board this time Keith 4812 Se­ri­ously is there any point in con­tin­u­ally re­build­ing res­i­den­tial zones in Ing­ham Card­well Tully? Al­ways wet cost a for­tune ev­ery year. Cheaper 2 re­build town­ships in a flood free area. There is no mag­i­cal so­lu­tion. Have 2 travel 2 city 4 most ser­vices and busi­ness deal­ings so y not merge 2gether 4 a bet­ter life­style. D 4812 Cjong

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