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Mo­torists would not en­dan­ger peo­ples lives if po­lice acted on com­plaints. Jim ffld Pot­holes. If 4WD stopped plough­ing and bash­ing through them and took a bit more care on the roads the holes would not get so big so fast. Go bush if u want 2 dig up the tracks and leave the streets 2 us car and mo­tor bike user who value our nor­mal sus­pen­sion. How hard it it 2 drive around not though a small hole? But wait if u have a 4WD u just smash through it till it be­comes a huge dan­ger­ous hole. Com­mon sense, not so com­mon any more. Mum 4815 To the peo­ple in the car at the in­ter­sec­tion be­tween Stock­land and Cen­tro 09/ 03 – 3 things. 1. I ad­mit my mu­sic was loud, and when we heard the am­bu­lance sirens it was late, thank you for telling us it was be­hind us. I couldn’t see it. Sin­cerely thanks. 2. I was yelling thank you to you af­ter. Sorry if the wind dis­torted that. 3. While I’m sure oth­ers have given you rea­son to, and un­less the wind dis­torted you, you didn’t have to scream pro­fan­i­ties at us. We were gen­uinely try­ing to move out of the way. You seem like a good per­son. Don’t ruin it with foul lan­guage like that. But thank you still. E Kelso Re TTC worker; how about the pot­holes in the car park on Flin­ders Street East, they have been there for al­most a year but then again that’s how long it takes for u guys to fig­ure out how to fill in a pot­hole, get it fixed now, and if u don’t know how to fix it here’s a sug­ges­tion-rip it all up and re­lay it with bi­tu­men or the ce­ment they used to do the cross­ings on Flin­ders Street East that seems to last a while. TJ. Townsville city. 4810 I just re­peated my lit­tle ob­ser­va­tion ex­er­cise from a few weeks ago – this time out of 25 cars pass­ing the house, 6 were tex­ting ( the tradie pulling the trailer was all over the road), 2 were talk­ing with mo­bile to ear and one girl was brush­ing her hair! No

im­prove­ment. AJJW Mt Low Re ‘‘ Cy­cle rage on our roads’’ ( TB 10.3.2011) Cy­clists have to re­mem­ber, the road rules for cy­clists, are the same as for li­censed driv­ers, yet in all my years of bik­ing, I’ve seen cy­clists break ev­ery rule in the book, these are the ones that draw the ire of mo­torists, and so the lawabid­ing cy­clist also cops it. I’ve found, if you play it straight, stick to the rules, and ride well within the bike lanes, you should have noth­ing to fear from the big bad mo­torist, he’s not out to get you, un­less you do some­thing stupid, . . . D. Bil­ton W. E.

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