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Night­clubs in town are all pri­vately owned so staff dont need a rea­son to refuse en­try. Dress nicely, don’t drink too much and treat ev­ery­one ( in­clud­ing staff) with re­spect. If you do those 3 things you’ll have a good night! Brad, nth ward To Tim Lavarack Bar­racks – If you want a bet­ter chance to ‘‘ score’’ a one nighter each week, try wear­ing your full army greens in a gay bar; you’re bound to gen­er­ate some in­ter­est and maybe the gay guys can teach you what it means to be a real man. Azza 4812 Re Springer and Cindy. I can­not help it that ev­ery time I go to a night­club girls come up to me look­ing for one thing only! Tim Lavarack Bar­racks. Some night­club man­age­ment and bounc­ers need to lift their game. JH 4814 Re TJ tville city it seems 2 b a prob­lem @ one par­tic­u­lar night­club had crap from se­cu­rity there on a cou­ple of oc­ca­sions both times had noth­ing 2 drink & 1 was re­venge ex se­cu­rity tville Tj, just be­cause you’re sober doesnt mean your not an a** hole. My brother got bashed by 4 sober bounc­ers in town all be­cause they ac­cused him of be­ing cheeky the night be­fore. He didnt and i know this be­cause he was in mackay the night be­fore, And we were only half­way through our 1st beer of the night. And po­lice r just as bad be­cause they turned a blind eye to it. Shane The prob­lem is ‘‘ TJ’’ that peo­ple ma­jor­ity aren’t do­ing any­thing wrong. Some peo­ple are even sober. The bounc­ers need to get off their power trips. Emma 4812

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