Re­li­gious rhetoric

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To C Mac Alpine Glen 20 Mini se­ries you are wrong re­li­gious waf­fling sys­tems are not not pre­cise ( it was all done in 6 days?!) In fact all cur­rent re­li­gious waf­fling sys­tems rely on as­sump­tions which are well . . . Waf­fle Slam­mer stu­art 4811 Re: pine glen min­istries ad­vert Pg 11 11/ 03/ 11 ‘‘ David At­ten­bor­ough you’re wrong’’. Where do re­li­gious fa­nat­ics get off push­ing their be­liefs on to ev­ery­one else? If you don’t like that sort of pro­gram don’t watch it. I don’t go putting out ad­verts about the many re­li­gious pro­grams on tv say­ing ‘‘ there is no god, you’re all wrong’’. Imag­ine the out­cry. How about pro­duc­ing some real ev­i­dence of god be­fore you start crit­i­cis­ing oth­ers. At least At­ten­bor­ough has pro­duced ev­i­dence. Get a life! E E B’beach

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