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DON’T know about you, but I am a bit over the Benji Mar­shall af­fair.

If Mar­shall is to be be­lieved – and at this point no­body has come up with any rea­son not to be­lieve him – he’s been hung out to dry be­cause he whacked a smart arse in the mouth.

Per­haps it wasn’t the bright­est de­ci­sion to be in Mac­cas in Syd­ney’s Ge­orge Street in the early hours of the morn­ing. But there’s noth­ing in his con­tract which says he can’t get the munchies when most sen­si­ble peo­ple are tucked up in their beds.

And du­bi­ous de­ci­sions are not hang­ing of­fences. If Mar­shall’s so­called vic­tim copped a smack be­cause he tipped a bucket of abuse on the player, he justly de­served it.

What was Mar­shall sup­posed to do? Run out of the restau­rant to hug a tree and kiss a bunny to al­le­vi­ate his frus­tra­tion?

The Face of League has been charged be­cause the laws of the land de­mand he be charged. We have reached a point where the shrinks and doey-do-good­ers have taken a mort­gage on com­mon sense and, along with many oth­ers, I have had a gut­ful of it.

What they have achieved is to de­clare an open sea­son on ev­ery sport­ing per­son­al­ity in the land. Ask a few of them and they’ll tell you the same thing. They’ll tell you that no mat­ter where they go, there will al­ways be big-mouthed mo­rons who be­lieve they can say what they like and get away with it be­cause the law al­lows them to.

We’ve reached the bot­tom of the pit if so­ci­ety de­nies a man the right to de­fend his dig­nity and his pride ... and then ex­tends a hand of com­fort and con­do­lence to a rat­bag who de­serves noth­ing bet­ter than a kick in the butt. IF you think you’ve heard the last of the NRL bet­ting scan­dal un­til Ryan Tandy and Sam Ay­oub ap­pear in court next month to de­fend the charges against them, think again.

Word on the streets is that the in­ves­ti­ga­tion is far from over and a few more iden­ti­ties can ex­pect to GIVE HIM A BREAK: Benji Mar­shall fronts the me­dia at the Tigers bunker this

week to read a pre­pared state­ment declar­ing his in­no­cence to be asked to ac­com­pany po­lice to the sta­tion ‘‘ to help with en­quiries’’.

Be brave chaps ... if you’ve got noth­ing to hide, you’ve got noth­ing to fear. YOU’VE got to hand it to Foot­ball Fed­er­a­tion Aus­tralia. They’re all class.

When the heav­ies ar­rived in Townsville to ex­e­cute the Fury, catch­ing a cab to the scaf­fold was not on the agenda for crowd favour- ite Ben Buck­ley and his hench­man.

Only the best was good enough for them and they were de­posited on the doorstep by limo com­plete with uni­formed chauf­fer.

Nice touch con­sid­er­ing they were putting a lot peo­ple, and their fam­i­lies, into the Cen­tre­link queue. Hope you sleep well gentle­men. ON the same sub­ject, the re­main­ing Fury play­ers and ex­ecs held a bit of a wake to say good­bye to each other and their jobs.

Prom­i­nent cen­tre­piece was a large car­toon ( yes, he is a bit of a joke) of Buck­ley dressed as the Grim Reaper com­plete with a scythe over his shoul­der and a cof­fin draped with the Fury colours in the back­ground.

How com­fort­ing it must be for him to know he’s so well-loved and re­spected in our com­mu­nity. OPIN­ION is di­vided on whether there’s any place for the so-called ‘‘ min­nows’’ at the Cricket World Cup.

But, no mat­ter where your sen­ti­ments lie, it is hard not to feel for a team like Kenya.

First up, they’re on a hid­ing to noth­ing ev­ery time they take the field. Worse still, they’re cop­ping a hid­ing for 365 days a year when they’re at home.

In a story to­day the doyen of the Kenyan team Steve Tikolo has re­vealed he’s on a con­tract which nets him $ 1000 a month. He’s got to feed his wife and three chil­dren on that as well as look af­ter his travel, cloth­ing and kit. Some of his team­mates are even worse off. They get by on $ 400 a month.

That’s pretty hard to swal­low when you con­sider some of the Aussie play­ers in the IPL Twenty20 comp are pick­ing up six-fig­ure sums for a few weeks’ work while mem­bers of the na­tional team earn more than Tikolo’s monthly pay packet ev­ery time they walk on to the field. And that’s on top of their sub­stan­tial con­tracts.

In­stead of giv­ing the ‘‘ lit­tle guys’’ a buck­et­ing and sug­gest­ing there’s no place for them in the comp, per­haps cri cket’s s hiny bums should defuse the de­bate and point some of the cash they rake in ev­ery year at the smaller teams.

Per­haps a sec­ond tier comp and cash sub­si­dies which are hon­estly d i s t r i b ut e d a nd not d e l i v e r e d straight into the pock­ets of shady third world crooks pos­ing as ad­min­is­tra­tors, would go a long way to right­ing the wrong.

Not that it’ll ever hap­pen!

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