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Townsville Bulletin - - Voice Of The North - opin­ion Chris Eas­taughffe, Wood­stock

THE United Na­tions is once again prov­ing it is an in­de­ci­sive, limp-wristed group of failed politi­cians who sees it­self as the world gov­ern­ment but who vac­il­lates when the time for ac­tion ar­rives.

They pass all these rules and grant peo­ple rights but when strong ac­tion is called for, when the peo­ple of a nation rise up against a despot, the UN sits on its hands.

This group of rep­re­sen­ta­tives of na­tions has proved time and again it is a po­lit­i­cal body that is quite pre­pared to over­ride the rights of a coun­try through their be­lief that the UN knows bet­ter and is above the elected leg­is­la­ture. They pose, they preen, they pos­ture, they don’t act swiftly. When they do, even­tu­ally, act they in­sist on ty­ing the hands of the mil­i­tary with ar­ti­fi­cial rules and in­flex­i­bil­ity.

The UN holds them­selves out as the pro­tec­tor of peo­ples rights, the di­rec­tor of gov­ern­ments with re­gards their re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, as the world’s con­science. Now, I am to­tally against the use of force ar­bi­trary by one nation against an­other, with­out in­ter­na­tional sanc­tion ( think the Iraq war, Granada etc), ex­cept in de­fence. Then again I am also against the ar­bi­trary use of force by a despot against their own peo­ple. When a peo­ple are be­ing mas­sa­cred by jets, at­tack he­li­copters , ar­mour and mer­ce­nar­ies, again, the world must act. This is oc­cur­ring as I type, in Libya. The world is aware of it through smug­gled footage.

The UN must reach a fast so­lu­tion, such as no fly zones, and de­struc­tion of heavy ar­mour mov­ing against the civ- il­ians ( eg, tanks ad­vise they will not per­mit­ted to move, if they do, de­stroy them).

They don’t need to put troops on the ground, the lo­cals are al­ready there. They do need to put air­craft over the area to sup­press the air force and ar­moured forces at­tack­ing the civil­ian pop­u­la­tion. This fail­ure to act will once again prove the in­ef­fec­tive­ness of this body, they will even­tu­ally go the way of their pre­de­ces­sor , the League of Na­tions.

The League of Na­tions was cre­ated af­ter World War One ( 1914-18) to pre­vent fu­ture Wars. It worked so well we had the things such as the Ja­panese in­va­sion of China ( Manchuria) and the Nank­ing mas­sacre fol­lowed by the of­fi­cial start of World War Two in 1939.

RE­SPON­SI­BIL­ITY: The UN must act swiftly in the Libyan cri­sis to save lives and de­struc­tion

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