De­bate too per­sonal

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WHAT has hap­pened to what passes for po­lit­i­cal de­bate in this coun­try and this state?

In all of my years of in­volve­ment in pol­i­tics I have never known op­po­si­tion to elected gov­ern­ments to be so vi­cious and so per­sonal.

So we see com­men­ta­tors and coalit i on s up­port­ers lam­poon­ing the Prime Min­is­ter and the Queens­land Premier over their body shape, dress or voice.

We saw the dis­grace­ful spec­ta­cle of ra­dio jock Alan Jones dis­play­ing a to­tal lack of re­spect for our PM.

I re­ally don’t know what has hap­pened to the fem­i­nists in our so­ci­ety who ought to be out there ap­plaud­ing the fact that we have fe­males oc­cu­py­ing these po­si­tions ir­re­spec­tive of their poli­cies.

Fem­i­nists ought to be de­mand­ing that these lead­ers be judged not on their gen­der but on their per­for­mance.

No doubt the level to which coali­tion sup­port­ers stooped arises from the long-held view of mem­bers that they are the nat­u­ral par­ties of gov­ern­ment.

How­ever, there has been an elec­tion and the Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment in Can­berra is the one elected by the peo­ple.

Cer­tainly nei­ther the Lib­er­als nor the Na­tion­als have ever been able to gov­ern in their own right but have to de­pend on each other to gain the num­bers.

Why then should not La­bor, Greens and the In­de­pen­dents vote to­gether when their con­vic­tions are in line.

Can we then have de­bate about pol­icy rather than l oud-mouth name call­ing from those who pur­port to hold a dif­fer­ent view?

I have no doubt that the Prime Min­is­ter made an er­ror in an­nounc­ing a tax be­fore any of the de­tails have been agreed upon.

How­ever the real de­bate ought to be about the need to deal with cli­mate change or not and it would be help­ful to hear the views of our lo­cal mem­ber on this im­por­tant is­sue.

We de­serve to know whether he be­lieves cli­mate change is real and whether or not he agrees with the opin­ion of Ab­bott that it is crap or Turn­bull who agrees that it is a prod­uct of hu­mankind. Please can we have a per­sonal opin­ion and not that of the high­est bid­der. KEN McEL­LIG­OTT, River­side Gar­dens.

TAR­GET: PM Ju­lia Gil­lard has been the vic­tim of per­sonal at­tacks rather than po­lit­i­cal de­bate

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