The truth is never dis­pos­able

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WHAT a laugh these replies from the Lib­eral troglodytes.

In the 1998 elec­tions most Aus­tralians voted against the GST – two party pre­ferred 49.02 per cent Lib­eral, 50.98 per cent La­bor, but the big­gest joke of all is it only got through par­lia­ment with the help of t he Democrats, sound f amil­iar, Greens sup­port­ing La­bor, Democrats sup­port­ing Lib­er­als.

The dif­fer­ence here is that Howard promised tax cuts and heaps of good­ies to the states, now we have al­most mass hys­te­ria from the Lib­er­als be­fore they even know the de­tails of a car­bon ‘‘ fee’’ if you are para­noid with the word ‘‘ tax’’.

And what a com­edy the op­po­si­tion is, ar­gu­ing about some­thing when you have no clue to what will be in the fi­nal de­tails. But for lies one can’t go past ‘‘ weapons of mass de­struc­tion’’.

Howard sup­ported that no­tion and lied con­tin­u­ally to the Aus­tralian pub­lic.

Show me de­tails of Howard telling us all be­fore the last elec­tion any­thing re­gard­ing Work Choices, some­what of a se­cret in Lib­eral ranks.

The un­thrown chil­dren over­board, lies; there will be a re­duc­tion in pri­vate health, fees have risen over 21 per cent, lies.

Howard also said this and what a load of rub­bish this is and it ap­plies to all politi­cians: ‘‘ Truth is ab­so­lute, truth is supreme, truth is never dis­pos­able in na­tional po­lit­i­cal life.’’ IAN BRAGG,


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