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We have a sys­tem for fin­ing de­fec­tive ve­hi­cles so I ask why this sys­tem could not be in­tro­duced for de­fec­tive roads. Posted by: John Let’s di­vide the state north of Rock­hamp­ton and use the min­ing taxes taken from the North to bring our area up to the same stan­dards as the south-east of the state. Posted by: Bernie It con­stantly as­tounds me that in this so-called smart state we have aban­doned rail for road trans­port. Some­one please ex­plain to me why rail is a much less vi­able? Posted by: Kate of NQ What a shame our use­less roads min­is­ter wouldn’t get off his back­side and get some­thing done about this joke of a high­way. Can’t be­lieve that mak­ing such a botch of a port­fo­lio ac­tu­ally earns you a sec­ond one. What was Twee­dle Dum’s big ef­fort for this week? Hav­ing a sook about some MPs laugh­ing at a joke ( Goanna Blight). Posted by: Jack McCain

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