hot topic: Cy­clists on lo­cal roads

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To Kat 4815, you are show­ing your ig­no­rance of the road rules – 20 bikes do not equal a car – one bike does! Bi­cy­cles have the same rights and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties as all other traf­fic. Why should you have to change lanes to pass cy­clists? For the same rea­son you have to change lanes to pass a slower truck. Pro­vide cy­clists with a lit­tle cour­tesy and we will do the same for you. Ja­son 4814 There are too many driv­ers who seem to re­gard the cy­cle lane as an ex­tra lane for over­tak­ing up the in­side, and have the hide to abuse you be­cause you have dared to ride in it! Mo­torists stick to your lane and Ill stay in mine. Kath adale Can I also point out that as well as your el­i­gi­bil­ity to be on the roads, it is also a fine­able of­fence to im­pede traf­fic by go­ing too slow and caus­ing trafic prob­lems. So in ur own in­ter­est as well as safety, you should stay in bike lanes pro­vided or or­gan­ise an es­cort ( ie po­lice es­corts) when trav­el­ling in num­bers which are longer than a car length, or go to a velo­drome! bob kelso

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