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Leave the coun­cil work­ers alone! My hubby has been work­ing 6 days, 12 hours a day since Yasi clean­ing up ur foot­paths while our own yard is still a mess! Show some ap­pre­ci­a­tion. An­noyed, oak val­ley Er­gon work­ers get­ting paid dou­ble time to trim trees in my street at 7am on Sun­day morn­ing . There goes my sleep-in. I thought there were laws about this sort of thing. No won­der elec­tric­ity has gone up. The Shadow, Heat­ley To the peo­ple who abuse coun­cil work­ers and con­trac­tors who are clean­ing up YOUR green waste that you planted and then dumped on foot­paths, pull your heads in. Your rub­bish came out of your yard onto the foot­path that you don’t own and you whinge be­cause there are tyre tracks left. Get rid of your own rub­bish. This so­ci­ety has turned into a lazy, bludg­ing bunch of whingers. 10 years ago and more, Aus­tralians would jump and clear their own rub­bish. Get off your bums and take a look what is hap­pen­ing in the rest of the world and con­sider your­self lucky. Full credit to those that have helped them­selves and their neigh­bours. J. R. Mt Louisa

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